First Look At DCL’s Beauty and the Beast

Disney shared an introductory video for their all new stage production of Beauty and the Beast opening this November aboard the Disney Dream.

The short video did not provide a great opportunity to see the details so here are some screenshots for your enjoyment. Starting off we get a good idea of what the Walt Disney Theatre will look like with some sneak peeks of the set storyboards and props.

BatB Set Storyboards BatB Set Piece Concepts BatB Set Piece Concepts 2 BatB Set Concept Wolves BatB Set Concept Village BatB Set Concept Castle BatB Set Diarama BatB Set Diarama Close Up

Here is a look at some of the concept art and fabric samples for the costumes.

BatB Costuming BatB Costuming Fabric Samples BatB Belle Dress Drawing BatB Dress Watercolor Concept

Looking closely at the next set of images provides a glimpse of Beast’s mask and his feet in the background.

BatB Beast Mask Horns BatB Beast Mask

Continuing the trend of character driven puppetry like Olaf, Disney will be using puppeteers to perform the roles of Lumiere and Fifi.

BatB Lumiere Pencil Drawing BatB Lumiere Puppet Concept BatB Lumiere Fifi Puppets

Production appears to be well underway in Toronto preparing for a November debut.

BatB Script BatB Rehersal Rose

The all new Beauty and the Beast musical is officially slated to take over the Walt Disney Theatre stage from Villains Tonight! during the Monday November 6, 2017 departure of the Disney Dream from Port Canaveral.

2 Replies to “First Look At DCL’s Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Katie

    Tangled, Frozen, now Beauty and the Beast?
    I’m really disappointed by this trend of new shows that just rehash a movie.

    I know I’m in the minority in my love of Villains Tonight, but shows like Dreams and Twice Charmed are super popular and have some element of originality.


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