Remembering Alan @NORMNB8S #RAKforAlan

The Disney fan community is a wonderful place to meet new people as we all come from different corners of the world to enjoy a shared interest that many just do not understand. The Disney fan community, in a way, is an extended family consisting of people you may barely know or hardly ever see. This is the case for Alan (NORMNB8S), a WDW enthusiast and podcaster over at Enchanted Tiki Talk, whom we had never met, but did have some interactions via social media as you do in this community.

On Christmas Eve Eve, Alan suffered a massive heart attack of which he did not recover. Alan did not get to see his 3 month old daughter’s first Christmas. He was a young new father in his 30’s and his interactions reveal he was a positive gentleman. If his circumstances have touched your heart as it has mine and my family’s, please donate if you are so inclined to do so.

GoFundMe has been set up as a way for the Disney fan community to support his daughter Grace’s college education.

In addition to donating, I encourage you to join in the Random Act of Kindness for Alan on Twitter using the following hashtag #RAKforAlan

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