Disney Dream Passengers Updated on Disembarkation Scenarios Due to Hurricane Matthew

Passengers currently aboard the Disney Dream received a letter today outlining a few options stemming from the previously altered sailing due to Hurricane Matthew. The letter informs passengers that they are hopeful that they can return to Port Canaveral on Saturday, but being realistic, they are providing guest with a few scenarios and options.

Scenario 1 – Return to Port Canaveral on Saturday

If this does occur passengers will be given the option to disembark as long as it is safe to do so or remain onboard until Sunday due to the limited avaibility of hotel occupancy in Central Florida.

Scenario 2 – Return to Port Canaveral on Sunday

In the event a Saturday return is not possible, DCL is hoping to then port on Sunday for disembarkation.

Scenario 3 – Port Canaveral is not Open

If Port Canaveral is not open for the Disney Dream to return on Sunday, the ship will make every effort possible to disembark at an alternate Florida port and will provide complimentary transportation back to Port Canaveral.

Below is a copy of the letter distributed on the Disney Dream to guests. As you will read, they are being very transparent to passengers with the various scenarios given the greatest unknown, the impact of hurricane Matthew.

DCL Matthew Dream Passenger Update Letter 20161006

Additionally, passengers were asked to complete the following form to inform DCL of their choice.

DCL Dream Matthew Debark Options Questionaire

11 Replies to “Disney Dream Passengers Updated on Disembarkation Scenarios Due to Hurricane Matthew”

  1. Schulzey

    Really have to commend them on their thoroughness and transparency in explaining everything. I know if I was on that ship, that would help me rest easy knowing that I’ll have a place to sleep Saturday night and just have to arrange a flight for Sunday

    1. James

      If only shore side operations were as coordinated. If anything, this storm shows how broken the TA/DCL communication system is.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        I think a lot of the shoreside communication gets a PR/Legal polish before it gets disseminated. Plus, if you call 3 times, talk to 3 different CMs you can often get 5 different stories. That is an internal communication issue which becomes amplified by the myriad of people who call and re-share the info. It is the telephone game to the next level.

  2. James Arthur

    If only DCL had an app that they could use to provide updated information.

    The phone lines are being flooded and the internet telephone game is happening due to the lack of information.


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