Disney Wonder Arrives in Cadiz for Dry Dock

The Disney Wonder arrived in Cadiz, Spain in the early morning hours, approximately 11:30 PM here in Florida. Less than an hour later, the Wonder maneuvered with some assistance and positioned into the Navantia dry dock.

Wonder Dry Dock Cadiz Manuvering

This is the same shipyard the Disney Magic used in 2013, but a different dry dock.

This Disney Wonder will remain in dry dock until late October before she makes her way back to Port Canaveral then on to Galveston for her first guest cruise on November 10th.

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  1. Tim Preston

    Scott, when the Magic was preparing for dry dock and enhancements there was a great deal of information, you tube videos with Imageneers etc. Even during the dry dock getting pictures and finding postings about the progress seemed to be easy to find. Now, with the Wonder I seems that outside of the initial announcements in the spring very little information is out there. Why such a disconnect this go around? I am curious as we just sailed aboard her last November and are going on a 7 night from Galveston on November 25th.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Tim, DCL seems to have learned not to over hype/promise dry dock enhancements. This recently happened on the Disney Dream, just a few things were announced with details and a whole bunch of other stuff was discovered once aboard the ship.

      If you recall, Disney really promoted the Disney Magic’s reimagination and they fell short those expectations, not only having to cancel the first passenger cruise, but some items were not done and work was still ongoing for weeks to months following her return to service. As for the influx of dry dock images, I would say they are being more strict about no photography on the ship and probably expanded or strengthened the language in the nondisclosure agreements they had the contractors sign considering it was easy find posts in 2013.


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