Book Review: Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World’s Bars, Lounges & Glow Cubes

The following is a book review of Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World’s Bars, Lounges & Glow Cubes which, I will admit, has absolutely nothing to do with Disney Cruise Line. However, based on the continued popularity of the DCL drinking post and response to the alcohol policy changes coupled with vast number of people who bookend a Disney Cruise with a stay at Walt Disney World, I believe this book may be of interest to a decent percentage of our readers.

Drinking At Disney Book

Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World’s Bars, Lounges & Glow Cubes is uniquely written by Rhiannon and Daniel Miller to bring the reader along for a trip to different watering holes at WDW. The back and forth banter between Rhiannon and Drunky really makes reading this book enjoyable.

Drinking At Disney Book Banter

The book is designed as a travel guide leading readers around to on property bars. Each chapter covers a new destination such as a theme park, water park, Disney Springs, or a resort.

Not all on property locations selling alcohol are included in the book as this would then require the inclusion of almost all restaurants. Thankfully, the authors limited the scope to only include establishments on WDW property where the predominant function is the sale of alcohol otherwise if you are a completist and try to visit every location you’d never leave Epcot. Not that this is a bad thing, but there are so many places to explore.

Drinking At Disney Book BOATHOUSE

Each establishment covered is presented with information such as location, applicable discounts, whether or not the bar offers the standard Disney drink menu. Each venue is also given an overall rating and a value rating. Each bar overview includes a list of the specialty drinks above and beyond the standard bar menu, the over vibe of the establishment, and some pros and cons.

For the adventurous Disney bar enthusiast, the book winds down with a handful of drinking plans, some random lists from Drunky that according to Rhiannon did not fit the narrative of the book, and a strong finish.

Drinking At Disney Book DHS Map

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Drinking at Disney and believe it is an excellent read for those looking to explore the bars and lounges around Walt Disney World. It is unique, has a wonderful layout and most importantly it does not read like a traditional travel guide. At times, reading the book it felt like I was right there with the authors. I guess this is the disclaimer part of the review, I do know and hang out with Professor Daniel Miller from time to time and recently met Rhiannon so I guess you could say I am a bit partial to their project. Another disclaimer, the book does contain some adult language that would make Steven Rogers uncomfortable so be warned if that is not your cup of tequila.

The print and Kindle versions of Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World’s Bars, Lounges & Glow Cubes can be purchased from Amazon and a special hardcover edition can be purchased directly from the publisher. The limited edition of 250 is a signed and numbered full-color hardback version of the book printed with thicker paper and sharper, more vibrant colors than the paperback edition. I purchased the hardcover (pictured) and it really does look great.

Finally, Rhiannon and Drunky are scheduled to appear for a book signing during the Adventures in Charity event in late September. They will will have paperback and hardcover copies available to purchase.

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