A Guide to Drinking on a Disney Cruise

UPDATE: New Beverage Policy Limits Carry-on qualities and Increase to Corkage Fee – effective 9/30/15.

The Beverage Policy

There are many places onboard a Disney ship for an adult to order a drink.  While the ship may sail to ports where the drinking age is under 21, the drinking age on a Disney Cruise Line ship is 21; what is done while in port is another story. Just don’t be stupid — laws are much different in the ports than at home.  It is also worth noting that there is an exeption to the drinking age for roundtrip sailings departing a European port.  On these sailings, guests 18 and over may purchase alcohol while in their presence onboard providing that a beverage consent form was completed during check-in.

Disney Cruise Line is very gracious and permits guests to bring a limited amount of wine, champagne or beer onboard at embarkation.  On other cruise lines, they will confiscate your beverages and return them at debarkation. This privilege does come with a few rules.  First, all alcohol must be carried on with you at embarkation. Any beverages found in checked luggage will be removed, stored, and returned at the end of the cruise. The main reason for this is that the glass bottles can break and ruin not only your clothes, but other guests’ luggage.  No one wants to start their cruise doing laundry when they could be enjoying the Sail Away Deck Party, or worse, miss dinner. The other rule is that any alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public areas. The exception to this rule allows for bottles of wine to be taken to dinner for a $20 $25 corking fee.

Any liquor purchased in port may be brought onboard and consumed in your stateroom.  However, any alcohol purchased onboard from the ship’s duty free store (see below for a price list) will be held until the last night of your cruise.

Under the new guest alcohol policy, any liquor purchased in port will be checked when returning to the ship and will be available for pickup near the gangway on debarkation day. This is also the procedure for duty free liquor purchases from WhiteCaps.

Whomever said that there is no such thing is a free drink is wrong.  Well, technically, they are right, but I’m not going to get into that discussion.  Complimentary drinks are available during Castaway Club Reception, and the Captain’s cocktail party, usually held on formal night in the Atrium Lobby.

Drink of the Day

Drink of the Day - Sunken Treasure

Each day you can find the featured Drink of the Day on your Personal Navigator.  As of January 2017, the drinks are $4.75 plus tax and 15% gratuity, which make them $5.46. The non-alcholoic drinks of the day are $4.25 plus tax making them $4.89.Some examples are listed below:


  • Bahama Mama
  • Bay Breeze
  • Caribbean Dream
  • Castaway Cay Breeze
  • Cool Breeze
  • High Tide
  • Key Lime Margarita
  • Mai Tai
  • Malibu Bay Breeze
  • Orange Cruiser
  • Oran-gita
  • Paradise Cocktail
  • Paradise Punch
  • Pineapple Mojito
  • Rum Runner
  • Stinger
  • Stingray
  • Sunken Treasure
  • Yellow Bird


  • Banana Lime Ginger Smoothie
  • Coco Bali
  • Coco Mango
  • Cranberry NO-Jito
  • Espresso Chiller
  • Lava Smoothie
  • Mango Crush
  • Mango Smoothie
  • Mint Tea Punch
  • Parrot Song
  • Passion Cream Freeze
  • Piña Coca Lada
  • Pirate Surprise
  • Princess Delight
  • Purple Basil Lemonade
  • Virgin Mojito

For a larger list, check out our Drink of the Day page which includes recipes for some of the specialty drinks.

Drink Specials

From time to time, there will be unadvertised drink specials. For example, one afternoon while relaxing on the pool deck, my wife ordered the Drink of the Day. The waitress mentioned there was a current special for 2 for 1 Mai Tais for $5.50 (around $6.50 with tax and gratuity), so she got those instead.  On Castaway Cay, there is an announced 2 for 1 special around 2 PM or later.  This past June (2012), the offer began at 2:15 PM and lasted for an hour.  The best part was this was valid for any drink! This is a great deal if you get the Drink of the Day – two drinks for $3.95 $4.50 (plus 15% gratuity of course)!!

Tropical Depression

The Beer Mug

Disney Cruise Line Refillable Beer Mug

For $16.95 you can buy a 22 oz. Disney Cruise Line, glass beer mug with the beer of your choice. For the remainder of your cruise, you can have it refilled for the price of a 16 oz! The bars will exchange the mug for a beer mug token when you are finished to take the weight and responsibility of the the glass mug off your hands until you are ready for a refill. It is also nice at the end of your cruise to exchange for a clean mug to pack in your luggage.

Disney Cruise Line Beer Mug Pricing

Various draft beer is available (availability seems to vary) at various locations including O’Gills and Currents up on the pool deck.

  • Strongbow
  • Stella Artois
  • Murphy’s
  • O’Gills
  • Kona Brewing Company – Longboard Island Lager
  • Widmer Brewers – Drifter Pale Ale
Beers on Tap at O'Gills Pub
Disney Dream Draft Beer

Wine and Dine Packages

At the beginning of your cruise, you will have the opportunity to buy a wine package to accompany your dinner.

Choose from one of the Wine Packages below for a savings of up to 25%

DCL Wine & Dine Bottle Packages Classic Preimum Options May

Classic / Premium Packages

  • 3-Night Package
  • 4-Night Package
  • 5-Night Package
  • 7-Night Package

Click here to read more about the available packages.

Drink Mixers

There are an assortment of mixers available for free.  Up on the pool deck or in Cabanas you can fill can get various Coke products.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Water (NOT soda water)
  • HiC Fruit Punch
  • HiC Pink Lemonade
  • Fuse Ice Tea (Replaced Nestea)
  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero
Disney Magic Drink Station October 2011

Coffee and hot water are also available on the pool deck with plain milk and half and half. Cabanas, only when serving food, offers Minute Maid brand Orange, Apple and Cranberry Juice.

Skyline Passport

Skyline on the [Disney_Fantasy] offers a passport card for $59.  The Skyline Passport card entitles you to seven hand-crafted martinis, themed to each to the cities of the seven rotating European skylines.  Breaking this down, you will get seven martinis for the price of six.

Disney Dream - Skyline - Paris

Onboard Duty Free Shopping

This list will give you an idea of prices Disney charges onboard. You may not be able to drink your onboard purchases until after the cruise.. Keep in mind that prices and availability could change without notice and usually do depending on what ship you are on and what they have in stock.

Latest price list: Whitecaps Duty Free Price List (September 2016)

The Bar Menus

The menus below represent a snapshot in time, 2012 to be exact. For a recent list of drink menus please refer to our menu page.

Castaway Cay Bar Menu

Castaway Cay Bar Menu
  • Castaway Cay Signature Drink
    Konk Kooler
    A refreshing blend of white and dark rum, coconut cream, passion fruit, orange and pineapple juices
  • Tropical Depression
    Vodka, Rum, Gin, Blue Curacao, Lemon Mix, Sprite and Grenadine
  • Java Juice
    Coconut Rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream and cappuccino
  • Castaway Freeze
    Bacardi Rum, fresh strawberries and bananas

Server’s Tray Drink Menu

Server's Tray Drink Menu

General Drink Menu

Here is the general drink menu with prices, I found the menu below on a table in a sitting area of the Atrium lobby on Disney Fantasy.


  • Pomegranate Cosmo $8.50 Grey Goose Vodka, Pomegranate, Cointreau, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice
  • Citron Martini $8.50 Absolut Citron, Triple Sec with a splash of Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • Godiva Chocolate Martini $8.50Absolut Vanilla, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, White Crème de Cacao, Frangelico
  • Eco-Tini $9.50 VeeV Açaí Liqqueur, Triple Sec, Agave Nectar, Ginger, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice Served with a souvenir Açaí Seed Bracelet

Specialty Cocktails

  • Melon Vine $5.75 Bacardi Melon Rum, Sauvignon Blanc, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice topped with Pineapple Juice
  • Captain’s Mai Tai $5.75 Captain Morgan Original Spice Rum, Tropical Juices topped with a float of Myers’s Original Dark Rum


  • Strawberry, Peach, Orange $5.75
  • Patrón Silver $8.25
  • 901 Tequila $9.75
  • Patrón Añejo $10.75


Bacardi Rum with Freshly Muddled Lime, Mint topped with Soda Water $7.50


Leblon Cacaca with Freshly Muddle Lime and White Sugar $7.50


  • Budweiser $4.25/4.95
  • Miller Lite $4.25
  • Heineken $5.25
  • Corona $5.25
  • Guinness Stout $4.95
  • Bud Light $4.25/4.95
  • Blue Moon $4.25
  • Corona Light $5.25
  • Amstel Light $5.25
  • Draught Selection Also Available (Ask your server/bartender for your selection)

Sparkling / Champagne

  • Enchanted Rosé Piedmont, Italy $5.75
  • Iron Horse Brut Celebration Fairy Tale Cuvée, Sonoma $11.00
  • Taittinger Brut La Francaise Reims, France $14.50

White Wines

  • Moscato Allegro California, USA $6.50
  • Pinot Grigio, Italy $5.75
  • Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc Sonoma County, USA $9.50
  • Captain’s Choice Chardonnay Santa Barbara County, USA $7.50

Red Wines

  • Robert Mondavi Merlot Private Selection California, USA $7.25
  • Bogle Vineyards Pinot Noir California, USA $7.50
  • Kendall Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon Vintner’s Reserve California, USA $8.00
  • Captain’s Choice Cabernet Sauvignon California, USA $8.25

Additional wines available by the bottle


  • Dewar’s White Label $5.75
  • Johnnie Walker Black $8.25
  • Chivas Regal $8.25
  • Johnnie Walker Blue $35.00

Single Malt

  • Glenfiddich $7.25
  • Glenmorangie $8.25
  • Macallan Select Oak $7.25
  • Macallan Whiskey Maker’s Edition $10.50
  • Macallan Estate Reserve $59.00


  • Rémy Martin VSOP $7.25
  • Rémy Martin XO $9.75
  • Hennessy Paradise $42.00
  • Courvoisier VSOP $7.25
  • Courvoisier XO $9.75
  • Rémy Martin Louis XIII1 oz. $105, 1 ½ oz. $165, 2 oz. $200

For All Ages

  • Passion Cream Freeze $3.95 Orange Passion Fruit Juice, Vanilla Ice Cream, Grenadine
  • Parrot Song $3.95 Fresh sliced Banana, Coconut Cream, Pineapple Juice


  • Cocktails $6.25 served in souvenir cup with a glowing character

Please note the prices are subject to change. As a result the prices listed in this article represent a snapshot in time.

354 Replies to “A Guide to Drinking on a Disney Cruise”

  1. Louise Arsenault

    Here’s a question: when you purchase a wine package, I believe that DCL adds the 15% gratuity at that point. Thing is, on the following nights, do people still give some level of gratuity? I personally did, as I felt bad not to give anything at all on subsequent nights (especially the Skyline Passport book)… But I’m curious to hear about other experience. Thanks!!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Great question. From what I’ve witnessed the Assistant Server does all the work when you have a wine package. One cruise we hardly saw the assistant as he was busy with the wine at 2 other tables. I would imagine any extra would be taken care of in the final tips.

      As for the Skyline passport, we did no discover this until night 4, but my wife plans on getting it in December.

  2. Kayla

    Are there virgin (non-alcoholic) versions of majority of the drinks on board? Ex: Virgin bahama mama, virgin bay breeze. If so is there an age policy as to who gets to drink virgin drinks. Im 18 years old & im planning a disney cruise for me and 2 others, I’ll be 19 or 20 when I actually go, will I be able to drink virgin versions of the special drinks ?

      1. Brandy Foy

        Do they charge less for non-alcoholic versions? My husband loves pina coladas, but doesn’t drink alcohol

  3. Cheryl

    Hello, I am wondering about the Skyline Passport. If purchased, can it be used for a group or sharing a drink or two? Would I be able to get 1 drink for me and 1 for my spouse or one of my friends? I will be going in the fall, there will be 5 adults and none of us are big drinkers.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I think this will come to the bartender. A friend of mine has purchased multiple passports and redeemed two at a time for her and her husband. I would ask first. The other thing to note I’d that you do not need to order the specific country martini, you can order off the menu.

  4. DeAnna

    Is there a store in Cape canaveral where you can purchase alcohol? I will be flying in and can not take it on the plane. Any suggestions? I love your blog!

  5. Tammi

    Hello, I’m wondering about standard drinks such as soda and water. Is there a charge for those on decks other than the pool deck? Would it be better
    to pre-order the bottled water to have in our stateroom?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda, and ice are always available for free free at the drink stations. Just bring a refillable mug as the cups provided are small.

  6. Kristen

    If you purchase a wine package, could it be used by myself and my husband or does it apply to one person only?

  7. Darlene

    When purchasing a wine package is the cost for one bottle per night? How do you get the wine? Is it given to your server and if so, what about the evenings you don’t eat in the dining room? (this will be our first cruise if you couldn’t already tell that..lol)

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The price is for the package, not per bottle. Your assistant server will bring the bottle to the table and serve you.

      I’m not sure about the nights you do not eat in the dinning rooms.

  8. Diane

    Do you know if the Disney Dream carries non alcoholic Beer, like O’Douls, and non alcoholic Wine or Champange.

  9. Scott

    Is their soda water at the drink station? Perhaps someone can just list the pop so I can plan my hard liquor. I’m thinking mojitos if there is soda.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Soda water was not available at the drink station. I updated the article with the the available mixers you can find at the drink stations by the pool deck and in Cabanas.

      1. Hector

        I just came back from a trip on the Disney Wonder and soda water is now available in the soda machines by the pool, so you can avoid carrying extra lbs on the carry on luggage.

        This blog was pure gold for my Disney Cruise, thanks.

          1. Judy Frieler

            I was on the Magic in May and they had plain soda water good for a mixer at the drink station. First time I’ve seen that.

    1. Emily

      Sure. They don’t inspect things. Your alcohol must be in your carry on. As you go thru security, your bag goes thru a security X-ray. You pick it up, and go up the escalator to into the port. That’s it! No one pulls out the bottles to inspect them. As long as your alcohol is tightly closed, you’ll be fine. Enjoy 🙂

  10. Joe

    If you carry on your alcohol. Can you take it with you to the pool in a collapsible little cooler? Or have to stay in room only? This is my first cruise. Any information will be helpful thank you.

      1. Chris Pleau

        On a couple of our cruises some guests were taking their own beer to the pool decks and into the bars on the ship. I’m sure this type of activity will eventually cause DCL to stop the ‘bring your own’ privilege. Please try to confine your alcohol containers to your staterooms. Bring a refillable container and carry that around.

        1. Mary Ellen

          The policy for bottles say u can bring on wine and beer. It does not mention other kinds of alcohol. Can I bring vodka and rum?

      2. Bill

        If you carry on alcohol in a whatever bag, doesn’t that bag have to stay with you until your room is available? If our boarding time is before the room is ready, do we keep it with us and just not drink it? this is our first cruise.

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  12. Tara

    We still have several souvenir cups and mugs from the daily mixed drink special and beer refill special from a previous cruise. Could we just take those with us? We never use them and would just end up with more glasses taking up space in my cabinets.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Yes, soda is free at the drink stations by the pool around the clock. Additionally, you can use the drink stations in the buffets when open. Soda is also free in the dining rooms. You will however pay for soda if you order it at a bar or in the theatre.

          1. Shane

            Can I currently (as of 10/1/15) bring a Bottle of Vodka and/or Fireball on my carry on? Been told only a 6 pack or bottle wine

          2. Brian

            Do they have bourbons for purchase on board. I can not find any bourbons that are available. Going to be a long trip if not as that is all I drink.

    1. Emily

      Not bad, but not necessary. All you need to do it stop at any bar and ask for wine glasses. Fill up in your room, and take the glasses of wine to dinner. We’ve done this in the MDRs and at Palo. We’ve also had cruises where our stateroom host has left us fresh glasses as well! No need to hide the wine in a shroud of a coffee mug 🙂

  13. Amy

    Is the Bev Beer Mug Pk available for purchase on the ship or is it only a pre-order? Debating if I should just go ahead and order it. TIA 🙂

  14. Andrea

    The disney dream said you can only bring 1 bottle per per (21 and over) in a carry on. If I can fit 4 bottles of wine in my carry will they let me bring them all on?

  15. Steve

    Would it be wrong to have a couple of mini bottles, like you get on the airplane, with you at dinner to just pour in your Coke?
    Thanks for all the above info, it will save me a ton of $$$!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Disney asks that you consume your personal alcohol in the privacy of your stateroom with the exception of bringing a bottle of wine to dinner. By this guideline it would be considered wrong, but at the end of the day it is your decision.

      1. mo

        I am traveling on the Disney Magic in 2 weeks. I am familiar with the alcohol policy but had to book transportation from Ft. Lauderdale to Port of Miami privately. Private car was cost prohibitive and shuttles do not stop at liquor store. However, the shuttle company told me that there is a liquor store in the Port that I can walk to from where the Shuttle drops me off. Is anyone familiar with this and if so, is it feasible to walk and are the prices fair or am I being sold a bill of goods. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  16. Lisa mcgowin

    I can only drink water and I hate tap water. Is the water filtered at the soda machines or is there bottled water available?

  17. Lisa mcgowin

    Is the water filtered on the ship at the soda fountain or does it just taste like tap water? Is bottled water available?

  18. jerseygirl

    Do you know if we have to dress up for dinner on the Fantasy ( other than Remy restaurant ) ? We don’t plan on dinning in any restaurant other than the ones that are included. Thanks

      1. Tina Mc

        We carried on two boxed wines in our carry on for our Halloween on the Magic. Two boxes equals 8 bottles and no glass!!!!

    1. Andrea

      100% sure! Just went on oct Disney cruise, I brought a roll on with four bottles of wine one bottle of jack, 12 can beers and a flask of wiskey. They didn’t even flinch at it and we enjoyed our drinks at the pool everyday.

  19. Les Puigs

    I would like to thank the owner of this blog for answering multiple questions over and over and over again. I appreciate your help and patience. I gained a better understanding of things I wanted to know and I don’t have to be another who repeats the same question. Thank you!

  20. Whitney

    Yes- thanks so much for answering so many questions here. Are we able to bring a bottle of say, tequila and a bottle of margarita mix? From what I have read, I would assume the answer is yes? I feel kind of badly bringing any of the alcoholic drinks we take with us into public areas (like the pool as someone above mentioned) as it does say that it is against the rules though…:0) Getting to bring alcohol on board at all is a treat as most cruise lines do not even allow that as far as I know!

  21. Lauren

    My family is going on a seven night cruise, there are 6 people in our party and we’re hoping to be seated together. If my husband and I purchase the wine package for $189 for the week, I understand from previous posts we could share our bottle each night with our family. Can we order a second bottle at each dinner since we’d be sharing with 4 other people?

      1. Lauren

        Thank you so much Scott – at first I wasn’t sure if the $189 covered more than one bottle per night, but I understand the package now. Thanks again for your help!

  22. Janet

    We are going on a 7 night cruise and are thinking about purchasing the wine package. Would we have to purchase a 7 night package or could we do a 4 night and bring our own wine for the other nights?

  23. jeff

    You state “For $14.95 you can buy a 22 oz. Disney Cruise Line, glass beer mug with the beer of your choice. For the remainder of your cruise, you can have it refilled for the price of a 16 oz!”

    How much is the 16 oz?
    Are ALL draft beers the same price?


  24. Laurie

    We are taking the Disney shuttle from airport to Port Canaveral. If we put bottles in our checked bag would we be able to take it out and put in our carry on luggage or do they deliver your luggage to your statroom?

      1. Erin

        You could always have a separate bag checkin on the airline that doesn’t have the DCL tag on it. Before heading to the shuttle, go to baggage claim and get your bag, then treat it like a carry on for the remainder of your trip to the ship.

  25. Chris

    For you beer drinkers that also fly to Orlando, the last 2 cruises we went on we would take an extra suitcase with us, pack very lightly in any combination. For example, our kids would have a suitcase for all thier clothes, and my wife and I would have a suitcase each packed about half full. Once in Orlando we would pack all of our clothes into one suitcase, leaving us with and extra suitcase that was now empty. We then filled the empty suitcase with our beer / liquor / coolers for the week. At the port, the luggage people will take your suitcases to your room for you (the ones with the clothes) and then all you will have left over to carry on will be your suitcase with the booze in it. Works well at the end of the cruise / trip as well to bring back any items you may have bought, or simply put one inside the other and return home.

  26. Shbaun

    @Chris This sounds like a great idea. Is there a size restriction for the suitcase you bring on with the booze as a carry on?

    1. Chris

      Not that I’m aware of. We used the smaller of the two we have but it still fit 3 cases of beer into it. (72 cans)

  27. Madison

    Are the non-alcoholic drinks (like piña coladas) free or do you pay for them even if they don’t have alcohol?

  28. Jen Dodd

    Do the wines in the wine package change according to itinerary? We’re headed off on an Alaskan cruise soon and hope the list might be different from, say, the Caribbean cruise list(s).

  29. Ted

    Somewhere up thread Hector indicated that “soda water” is now available at the beverage stations. Can anyone confirm if plain old unflavored fizzy water is indeed available at the beverage stations?

  30. Debbie

    My hubby and I don’t drink, but we recently visited the Skyline Lounge on the Disney Dream and had the yummiest (virgin) fruit punch! Can I possibly get the recipe? Thank you!

  31. Robert

    We took a mixology class on the Dream. Is there a way to find out the ingredients in what we think was called a “Smurf Martini”?

  32. Cindy

    If I order a Bloody Mary or Mimosa from room service at breakfast, can I take it with me to Cabanas for breakfast? I’m assuming Cabanas does not run the full bar at breakfast, correct?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      You can do that, but you can also order those at the bar in Cabanas or even the Cove Cafe. It is available during breakfast to answer your question.

  33. Guylaine

    Never been on a cruise before so I dont know… do they make more drinks than what is on the menu you attached? It seems most of the cocktails are made with rum… I prefer vodka.. like slings, blue lagoons or daiquaris… will they make those drinks upon request?

  34. Bruce

    Just got back from a Disney Dream cruise and learned a handy lesson. As mentioned here you can use the soda station for ice/mixers near the pool, then take them to your room to add alcohol. For efficiency we put the alcohol in our cups (we purchased insulated Disney Tervis mugs w/ lids on-board, but you could bring your own or use any cup) in our room, then brought it to the pool and got ice and mixers. Technically it’s a violation of policy to consume it outside of your stateroom, but its discrete and we never saw anyone questioned.

  35. Lee

    Hi, we are travelling on the Dream in October for the first time. I assume if we purchase the 22oz beer glass we can fill with coke or sodas and Add vodka/rum in our room if we wanted? 😉

  36. Mary

    I’m unclear as to if the WINE AND DINE package is charged per person or not. I’m traveling with my husband so can he drink the wine too or will we need to buy separate wine packages?

  37. Mary Alice

    Regarding the Wine Packages – Does the number of nights equal the number of bottles? Is there an additional charge for drinking more than one bottle of per night?

  38. Mary Alice

    We have three people in our party and will definitely drink more than one bottle per night. Do I have this right – if I buy a three night package, our table could order two bottles every night of the cruise?

  39. Dustin

    How hard would it be to get orange juice delivered to my room and put my own champaign in it to walk to breakfast or around the ship? Would they even think twice of my drink?

  40. Catherine

    Hello, we are travelling on Disney Magic in August. Wondering if the wine package will be cheaper if we purchase before we cruise or if it will be the same price to buy on the ship. Many thanks

  41. Mark

    I’ve seen a few post as far as bring our own alcohol for our use in the stateroom. Is this correct? We will be going on the cruise 9 August.

  42. jcqlnh

    Can you please help me locate to re-purchase the Corona “bottle” plastic cups from Castaway Cay?? I brought twelve home and were placed in the dishwasher by my sitter and were all melted. We were SO sad!!!

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  44. Judith Ackerson

    This blog is very informative – thanks to the owner and to everyone who has supplied answers! Would someone please address how to pay for drinks onboard? I’m sure they can be charged to rooms, but I’d prefer not to do that. Has anyone had experience with using cash or credit cards at point of service? I intend to purchase Disney gift cards at a discount from Sam’s Club, and they say they can be used on Disney cruises. If I can use them for individual drinks or drink packages, that would be ideal.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      You can pay with Disney Gift Cards on the ships. I believe you can only use credit cards in the gift shops and at Guest Services. The only way to use cash on the ships is to charge to your stateroom and then use the cash at Guest Services to pay on your stateroom account.

      From personal experience, it is real simple to pay for everything with your KTTW card and periodically stop by guest services to pay on your account with whichever form of payment you wish to use.

    2. Kristina Hammock

      From what I’ve been told, you can go at the end of the week to guest services and use your gift cards to pay off any balance you have. You might want to check with Disney Cruise Line just to be sure, though! 🙂

  45. Stacie

    I’ve heard of a drink of the day glass/mug that you can purchase on the first day and then get it refilled through the cruise. I may have missed it but was hoping for a little more information on this. Can anyone give me the details of this?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      You can purchase the drink of the day in the souvenir cup and use it to get refills for the remainder of the cruise. You will be given a new souvenir mug and charged just for the drink.

  46. Anita

    I see that there is a wine package, is there an alcohol package as well? We just did a Norwegian cruise and my husband bought the alcohol package but they required both us to purchase one. I am allergic to alcohol so I had a doctor’s note stating that I can not consume alcohol. Does Disney Cruise Line have a package like this as well?

  47. Susan

    Is there a refill cup for smoothies? Thought I had read something about one once, but never saw reference to it again. Thanks.

  48. Marie

    I don’t have a drink question. My question is, is there and elegant night and are photos taking? Also what’s the price range for photos?

  49. Vetta

    Does anyone know if there is a store within walking distance of Port Carnaveral. I also would like to know about elegant night on the 3 night Bahamas cruise

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Ken, Tea bags are always available at the drink stations and hot water is available from the adjacent coffee machines. Tea bags are also available in the restaurants upon request and near the drink stations in Cabanas and Beach Blanket Buffet.

  50. Ryan

    I’m going on a cruise on the Wonder at the end of the month and I’m wondering how easy it is to keep the “cooling box” cold enough for some beer. Do they have ice machines that you can use to fill it? Or does the room staff keep it cool with ice? And if I book a private shuttle from my hotel to the port in Miami will the driver stop at a liquor store so I can grab some beer? Any company recommendations? I don’t care about the cost of the shuttle, I’d rather pay more for someone who’d stop for me. Thanks!!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Ryan, I have never had an issue keeping my beer cold in the cooling boxes. Just make sure you check the thermostat when you first enter your stateroom. It is not always on the coldest setting.

  51. Tammie B

    The “official” website said that you could take beer, wine or champagne onboard at embarkation, but some folks have said you can bring liquor as well. Can anyone who has been on Fantasy confirm if you can bring liquor on board at embarkation? Thanks!

  52. Pingback: Cruising Away this Winter? Good News: Your Wine Can Come Too! | Wine Kitz Pickering

  53. Shyama F

    Cruising on the dream in may. Is there a place to get liquor before getting on the ship? Walking distance after the shutte drops us off?

    1. Susan

      For our cruise in October some of the cruisers used Port Canaveral Liquor shop. They deliver right to the terminal for you. I think they used both email and phone to order.

  54. Cheryl

    Scott, you are so fantastic to answer everyone’s (often repeated) questions. This site has been extremely helpful and informative. Cruising with my husband, two boys and 12 other family members this August on the Disney Dream; can’t wait! With all the great info I’ve learned here Im going to look into having alcohol delivered to my hotel room the night before we cruise as we’re flying into Orlando from Los. Angeles. If you or anyone has done that before, let me know how it worked out. Thanks again for your graciousness, Scott!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I would contact the hotel that you will be staying at prior to your cruise to see if there are any services in the area that would deliver. Are you staying on Disney property?

  55. Wayne

    Can I take an unfinished bottle from my wine package back to my room from the dining room? I can’t remember if we did this the last cruise. Tahnks!

    1. sussell

      Yes, you can bring snacks on the ship. I brought a bookbag full of snacks, dried fruit, granola bars, raisins, etc… I like to take them to the island for the kids.

  56. ShaeLee

    Can I purchase a 5 night wine package for a 3 night cruise?

    If I decide to bring my own wine, do they charge a per bottle corkage fee if I decide to bring a bottle of red AND a bottle of white to dinner or will it be a flat fee of $20 for uncorking?

  57. Kelsey

    Hi there! Thanks for this wonderful article and for answering our many questions!

    I was wondering if Disney has raised their prices since the original article was posted. If so, do you have an idea how much things cost now? Scott- were the prices the same when you went on your cruise in October?

    Thanks so much!

  58. Tony Brizendine

    Does anyone know if once you check in and get all of your paperwork completed on the day you are leaving if you can get back off of the boat and if so, how easy is it?

  59. Kelly

    I’m traveling with my three adult (21+) kids on a disney cruise . My question is will they have their own acct for their purchases on board or are they link to one account?

  60. Roger

    You can set up charging accounts for each if they have separate credit cards on file. I do not believe the gratuities can be split, but you can ask.

  61. Jennifer Parris

    We have had member of 2 families in one room, the gratuities are per person so each person’s got charged to their account.

  62. Allison Heider

    I have read through the comments and didn’t see an answer to this question so I am hoping it is not a repeat question. I understand the Disney Cruise policy for bringing alcohol/water on board the cruise ship with your carry on. However, does anyone know if these beverages need to be able to be actually packed INSIDE of your carry on? Or if I plan to bring a case of beer or a case of water can I just physically carry it in my arms rather than trying to cram it into my bag with my other belongings? I just would prefer not to bring a case of beer or water and then be trying to squeeze it into my carry on at the port. Thank you so much for any replies. This thread has been extremely helpful!

  63. Matthew

    Scott, the DCL website states the carry -on bags are limited to 22x14x9. How strict are they with the size of the carry -on on bag?

  64. Matthew

    Do you know if the x-ray maching will fit a larger bag then? I wasn’t sure if you had seen the machines before.

  65. Regina Gray

    I know I can bring bottles of wine as a carry on, and bring the entire bottle to dinner and just pay a corking fee.

    Does this apply to Remy also?

  66. Bill

    Does anyone know if the prices from the original post are about the same now or if they’ve gone up a lot recently? Thanks!

  67. Diane

    I purchased the souvenir glasses for specialty drinks that could be refilled for less. How many people bring those on board another cruise.

  68. Beth McMillon

    I was wondering how much bottles of wine are at dinner if you do not get the pre-paid wine plan. I plan to bring several bottle aboard and know that I can bring a glass to dinner, but I’ll also probably want another glass with dinner so was wondering how much savings there would be by pre-ordering 3 or 4 bottles to go with dinner for the week. Thanks in advance. This site is very informative.

  69. Melanie

    Is it cheaper to purchase the wine package in advance or is it the same price when buying at dinner on the first night?

  70. Renee

    Does anyone know that if you bring your own snorkel gear and disembark at Castaway Cay are you able to snorkel? Do you have to buy the package in order to participate?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      You can use your own equipment, but you will need to pick up a free inflatable snorkel vest. These vest can either be picked up at the snorkel rental shop or often times you can find them on the lifeguard stands or near the entrance to the snorkel lagoon.

  71. Jennifer

    Wonderful blog! Thank you!
    To clarify, it sounds like there is no price advantage to pre-ordering the wine package? Our travel agent said it was cheaper to pre-order bottled water than waiting until we get on the ship. Wonder if that’s also true for wine.

  72. David

    Going on the Wonder this summer to Alaska and I was wondering if the Wonder serves local craft beer from Alaska during the entire cruise or just on certain days. I believe I saw a interview that Alaskan Brewey is served on board and wanted to confirm. If so, will they have more than one offering?

  73. taniahappy

    Just wanted to say, first of all, thank you so much for this space you created… soooo helpful! …
    Sorry if already asked but… just to be clear, no limit as to how many bottles (hard liquor) we can get onboard as long as they fit inside the specific dimensions bag they mention?
    And, I know they also say that this alcohol is not to be consumed in a public area but can we just walk around, relaxed and low-key, zipping away on plastic mugs ?

  74. Mike

    Here’s a question. If I am on the Panama cruise (14 day eastbound) and I want a bottle of wine every night, do I just purchase two 7 night packages?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Mike, good question. I would say yes 2 seven bottle packages or a combination of the bottle packages that fits your needs, but I do not know for sure. DCL may offer a customized package for the longer sailings. I will ask around to see if someone can provide a better answer.

  75. Ursula

    Can a box of can drinks be put in checked luggage at the port or do they still need to be in a carryon?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The request to have passengers to carry on liquids is meant to reduce the risk of a damaged container leaking over your luggage and potentially ruining nearby suitcases during their transfer from the terminal to your stateroom. If you have ever looked in the crew elevator areas on the ships the luggage is just piled up and thrown around. I’m sure there is a more legal reason or for your security reason, but here is the verbiage from DCL’s FAQ page…

      Please note: Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to remove fragile items (including beverages) from checked luggage. In such cases, items will be stored and returned at the end of the voyage. Beverage containers are considered fragile and have previously caused damage in checked luggage. All fragile items must be transported inside carry-on luggage.

  76. AngelDisney

    Thanks for posting this informative blog. I have a question about corkage fee. I am the only one drinking and I would like to bring my own wine. If I pay for the corkage fee and cannot finish the wine, do I have to pay corkage fee again the second time I bring the same bottle to dinner? What about Palo? Do I pay have to corkage fee again? I am thinking of drinking 2 bottles over the 7-night Alaska cruise. TIA!

  77. Corey M

    Scott, do you know anything about the plastic hurricane cups?? Someone had told me you get a discount on drinks if you purchase it. I had never heard of this. Maybe the person was confusing the hurricane cup with the beer mug?? TIA!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Not necessarily a discount, but you can get it refilled. Since the cups hold more you technically get a little more than if you just order the drink without the glass.

  78. Dee

    Ok Let me get this straight, You are permitted to bring booze with you on the cruise so long as you drink it in your stateroom. How about buying say a bottle of vodka at the duty free store on the ship? do they hold it or give it to you to consume in your stateroom?

      1. Linda

        Hi Scott = does the duty free rule still apply after the Sept 30 ’15 policy change? Can you purchase liquor on board and drink it in your stateroom or will you still not receive it until the last night of the cruise? thanks in advance 🙂 departing 12/11

  79. elizabeth

    Are we allowed to purchase an alcoholic drink and walk around with it? We are taking kids to the children’s activities then want to grab a drink. Would like to explore the ship as we drink. Is this allowed?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Yes, if you purchase the drink on board you can walk around with it. There on some caveats such as no glass on the pool deck, but you can get a plastic glass. Additionally, some venues do not want their glassware taken out. For example Key’s has special glasses they want to keep in the venue. Still you can walk around with your beverage of choice purchased onboard.

  80. Kelsey

    Can anyone give us an idea of how much drinks cost nowadays? Are beers still under $7 and are glasses of wine & cocktails still around $10 or less?

  81. Julie

    I have a beer mug from a previous cruise… Can I bring it back? Or do I have to buy an new one and start a collection?

  82. Lesliewf

    This site is so incredibly helpful! I was wondering if you happened to know the basic ingredients for the “Golden Slipper” that is served in one of the restaurants. I cannot recall which one. We just returned and I wanted to make for some friends and only remember Moët Ice as one of the ingredients. Thanks so much!!

  83. aclark3230

    It appears that the cruise line may have increased the prices on the wine packages. According to their gifts & amenities website, it appears that a 3 bottle classic is now $95 while the premium is $145. Maybe it is cheaper on the cruise?

  84. Ali

    I want to know if hot chocalate or just chocalate milk is incluided as a regular beverage or do it have an extra cost?

    I will travel with a kid who olnly drinks chocolate milk 😀

  85. Ed

    My wife and I plan on bringing 2 bottles of wine each to drink at dinner for our 5 night cruise departing this weekend. Do I put them in our carry on or do I carry them loose in a separate bag? Also do you think they would have an issue if I bring a fifth bottle of wine since it’s a 5 night cruise? Thanks

  86. Jen

    It is ok to bring your refillable mugs from a Disney resort or waterpark to use for sodas? Also is there anywhere to get decent free coffee or should I just pay for a latte? Thanks!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Absolutely you can use your own refillable mugs. I always travel with a Tervis for this reason. Just make sure you fill your mug using one of the disposable cups at the drink station. I realize this is wasteful, but it is the rule (signs are posted) to prevent any contamination of the drink station. You will also find coffee, tea and hot chocolate at the drink station on the pool deck. Additionally, there are self service drink stations in Cabanas during operating hours.

  87. Mike

    After reading this and the DCL website I’m guessing the alcohol carry-on rules have changed? In earlier comments you said if we can carry it we can bring it (including liquor) but the website says only beer and wine in limited amounts. Did the policy change or do they just not really enforce it?

    1. Mike

      Nevermind, I scrolled back through and found my answer. Sorry about that.

      I have a different question though. The only other cruise line I’ve been on is Royal Caribbean and they offered a drink package that included beer and liquor, does DCL offer anything like this (other than the wine packages)?

      1. Mark Leach

        I have been on the Disney cruise a few times but it was years ago. Do the mini fridges work well in the cabins? If I read correctly they have no actual refrigeration? Are there mini bars available for the rooms?

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          I’ve not had a problem keeping liquids cold. It does take some time for the items to cool, but it does a decent enough job. There are no mini bars in the staterooms.

  88. Rum ray

    Can u somehow sneak hard liquor on the ship. Like using rum runners plastics containers. Going on fantasy in a few weeks

    1. Wendy

      I am going in September and have wondered the same thing 🙂 I was going to perhaps try using shampoo bottles in my luggage since I imagine they don’t open them to make sure it’s really shampoo? perhaps put a liner inside them and put them in large ziplock bags the way I would if I was flying normally to avoid them exploding on my clothes. I’m disappointed that they changed the policy. Even if I manage to get booze on board, I will still likely spend more than I should on the specialty drinks.

  89. Lacey

    Can you get the souvenir hurricane-style cups filled up in the main dining rooms with the drink of the day? Do they offer the drink of the day even if you cannot get the cup filled?

  90. Lyn

    We are doing the 3 night Bahamas cruise, I gather we can take two bottles of wine six beers on board each person. When we stop at Bahamas are we allowed to bring more wine on and drink it?

          1. Kristen

            Guest services told me just now that hard cider was specifically prohibited. Has anyone had any success bringing it on? I can’t drink beer or wine.

            1. Eric

              We just did the Fantasy in August and the only thing you could bring to your room was wine. Two bottles per adult. Anything else is checked and you pick it back up just before you leave the ship or its destroyed.

  91. Eric

    I’m going on the Fantasy in a few weeks and would like to make a couple of in-room white wine spritzers with the wine we bring on board. Does anyone know if you can get club soda/seltzer anywhere or can I bring that on-board.

  92. Cheryl

    If my family is going on a cruise together and we are allowed 16 bottles all together. Can we bring that all onboard in a big box/cooler or do we need to each carry our own 2 individually?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      To make it easier I’d suggest having each person carry 2 bottles, but if you find it easier just make sure you are all together and kindly explain it was just easier to them all together and this is our entire party.

    2. Eric.

      I just went in August. I put four bottles in the same bag for my wife and I when we got on and at the ports. We got some great wine in Mexico at the Mega store and the wi e we bought in the Caymans was bad. Could t even drink it. Good stuff in the Port at Jamaica as well. As we bought the seven bottle premium for dinner. Worked out nice.

    1. Eric

      Not sure we just went in August and I bought a case of water before boarding the ship and used one of our luggage tags to have it delivered to the room like checked luggage

      1. Eric

        Scott, they are sent to your room. Remember you can bring on (in your carry on) 2 six packs per adult when you board and each stop. Those pre orders are pretty pricey.

  93. Rachel A Queen

    Hi, we’re returning to the DCL in March and know that the alcohol policy has changed since we last cruised. When we were last on, we purchased the discounted refillable drink cup, do you know if we bring them back if they still offer a discount on those? (similar to the beer mug, but a daiquiri cup.)

      1. Vonnie

        Can you tell me how much the difference is between the 16oz beer and 21oz beer? Just wondering if getting the mug will pay off?

  94. Bobby

    Are you able to use a credit card on the ships at the bars or to buy alcohol? Or do you have to use cash or charge it to the room?

    1. Eric

      Scott is correct. Your boarding pass is used for all on-board purchases. Keep in mind that an automatic gratuity is added on to any alcoholic purchase.

  95. Brittney Bales

    We are traveling on the Fantasy in March. Are these prices up to date? Also, I’m confused about that carry on policy. Is it two bottles per person or one bottle per person?

  96. James

    My question is regarding the private open bar smoothie option. I’ve read that guests get a smoothie upon arrival to the hour long event but that the smoothies are all premade so after that first smoothie, they can’t go to the bar and order a second, third and so on. It’s anhour long event. Is the above info correct? If so, why can’t they order additional smoothies since it’s supposed to be unlimited?

  97. Ellen Buddenhagen

    We are going on the Fantasy July 2017. Want to buy the wine omg, but were told there is an additional $25 per bottle uncorking charge. Is this correct?

      1. Ellen Buddenhagen

        Thank you Scott & Roselyn! I was misinformed by the Disney Cruise Line agents on the phone. I asked if I purchased a wine package would I still be charged an uncorking charge per bottle and I was told yes..needless to say I was extremely surprised at this expense. So I want to thank you both for clearing this up for me. Thank you….

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Yes, but you will need to fill it using the disposable cups at the drink station. It is wasteful for sure, but if a CDC inspector sees anyone filling reusing or filling a reusable cup they can penalize the ship and it would be a negative on the inspection.

  98. Rick Moody

    Assuming you have liquor in your checked bag, how is that discovered. Are all checked bags opened and inspected? Thank you

  99. Shondel

    Can we bring our beer mugs from our Disney Cruise a few years ago and enjoy the refill benefits or do you have to purchase a new one on each cruise?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      DCL does not currently track if you purchase the mug on each cruise. As a result, if you hand the bartender your mug they will fill it just as if you purchased it on the voyage.

  100. Lila Q

    On our recent Med cruise, we were allowed to bring wine and beer that we had purchased in ports of call back on to the ship to our staterooms. They only confiscated liquor and you had to reclaim it at Keys upon disembarkation.

  101. Ann Jones

    Love your blog! We’re going on a DLC this winter and I wonder if my 18 year old can pack wine in her carryon? In other words do they verify you’re 21 if you bring alcohol on the ship?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      We tend to pack our carry on and checked luggage family style where all bags have a mix. There have been times due to space, our daughter’s carry-on bag had a bottle of wine because it wouldn’t fit in my bag. If you are tying to extend your carry-on allowance, that isn’t going to work. However, I’ve never witnessed security checking guest’s IDs when checking carry-on beer & wine.


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