Behind the Waves: DCL Plays its Part in Water Conservation

Disney Channel Star Jenna Ortega, returns with the latest Disney Cruise Line Behind the Waves video focused on the fleet’s innovative water conservation efforts. The latest installment looks at how DCL collects condensation from the ship’s air conditioning units which is then used for pressure washing the ship, this measure alone results in an annual savings of 30 million gallons of water. Heat from the ship’s power generators to run evaporators which convert over 142,000 gallons of salt water into fresh water daily.

Disney Cruise Line is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and conserves water whenever possible. This is why they encourage passengers to reuse bath towels to reduce water usage in the laundry facility. However, in practice they could save a lot more if the stateroom hosts do not replace previously used towels hanging in the bathrooms each day.

The ships waste water, you know the water from the shower goes through an onboard wastewater purification system which treats and cleans water to levels far exceeding international shipping standards.

Jenna is also the voice of Princess Isabel from Elena of Avalor and played the Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3. You can learn more about other Disney Cruise Line environmental efforts via DCL’s Environmental Fact Sheet. According to Disney, future Behind the Waves videos in be released in the coming months about onboard energy efficiencies and recycling efforts.

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