Disney Cruise Line Releases Q2 2016 Voluntary Crime Allegation Disclosure Report

Disney Cruise Line recently published their Q2 – 2016 Voluntary Crime Allegation disclosure report for the period April 1 – June 30, 2016. During the 2nd quarter, Disney Cruise Line carried approximately 215,000 passengers and a daily complement of approximately 5,000 crew members, and received the following allegations: a claim of theft of property valued over $10,000 was made by a guest and two separate claims of alleged sexual assault were made by a crew member against another crew member.

According to the disclosure, these allegations were reported to the appropriate law enforcement and government authorities and to the best of DCL’s knowledge, no charges have been filed in any of the alleged incidents.

Disney Cruise Line Voluntary Reporting Data Q2 2016

During the 2nd Quarter, DCL reported they carried about 215,000 passengers which is a drop 35,000 from Q1. For sake of comparison, this is also about 15,000 less passengers than DCL reported for Q2-2015.

Taking a look that the number of sailings for each ship sheds some light on the decrease. Due to the seasonal itinerary cycle there is not much of a surprise as the classic ships head off to Europe and Alaska during the second quarter of the year. These sailings typically include a Transatlantic and Panama canal cruise which for sake of argument are each 2 weeks in length. In addition the the longer length sailings on the Magic in Europe this year created a reduction in actual sailings so the passenger numbers will drop, but this does not necessarily indicate a drastic drop in passengers on these sailings. It is a numbers game, but the passenger numbers for Q2 for ’14 and ’13 are the same for ’15 and ’16 respectively. Frankly, I am not even sure if these are real numbers to begin with since they are always rounded. I checked and it is not a pure calculation of max capacity times the number of sailings. Bottom line, I wouldn’t put to much into these numbers considering DCL is setting records and Iger keeps saying the cruise business is strong.

Magic Wonder Dream Fantasy Total Q-Pax Avg Pax/Voyage
Q1-2016 25 17 25 13 80 250,000 3,125
Q2-2016 11 15 26 13 65 215,000 3,308
Q2-2015 12 16 25 13 66 230,000 3,485

Please note, reports for previous quarters with zero claims did not include total passenger or crew numbers.  However, the daily crew numbers seem fixed on these reports so I’ve carried that number over for the months without any claims.

3 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Releases Q2 2016 Voluntary Crime Allegation Disclosure Report”

  1. Adam Peterson

    I am a big time Disney cruise fan and have been on 8 and It appears from the passenger drops, year over year that Disney is starting to see their prices affect passenger count. I know the prices have made my family start looking at other options. Not that we want to but because of the prices are so much more than other cruise lines. I think it will be interesting to see what Disney does with prices with two new ships on the horizon, but passenger counts dropping.

  2. Janet

    Could it be the new alcohol policy that had an effect on cruises that had not been already purchased prior to it going into effect? Just a thought.


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