Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 17: Listener Questions

On this week’s podcast we answer listener questions that were sent in via email, Twitter, Facebook and a few voice mails.

Show Notes


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6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 17: Listener Questions”

  1. Erin

    Started listening to the podcast on my commute this morning. Thanks, as always, for the great info.

    Since you mentioned the St. John catamaran excursion, I wanted to note that we did this in May and were actually very disappointed.

    We were expecting a relaxing and slightly more low-key trip, but found our crew of three young Americans to be quite unprofessional. They made off-color jokes, invited a friend onboard the boat, and were very aggressive in asking for tips. They suggested that each person should tip 20% of their excursion cost and even offered to calculate what your tip should have been.

    The refreshments were also very cheap (like Cracker Barrel cheese), and we were not given the full time on St. John that was quoted in the excursion description. I was also offput by their provided snorkeling equipment, which they were cleaning with a self-made solution of bleach and cheap dish detergent. I was glad I brought my own.

    Perhaps others have had better experiences with different crews, but we didn’t feel it was worth the cost.

  2. Carly Johnson

    Thanks for the great podcast! Love listening to these at work. They get me excited for my 8th Disney Cruise this December! It will be my first time on the Magic though, so I loved hearing it was your favorite ship!

  3. Sarah T

    Thanks for everything you do. Could you elaborate on why you prefer a higher deck even with an inside cabin rather than a lower deck ocean view? Thanks.

  4. Philip

    You really should try the concierge service. We found it to be much more then just a fancy cabin. Is it worth the money? It was to us, it took the cruise to a new level. Is it absolutely necessary, no.

  5. Hannah

    Thank You for including the menus. Disney has removed them from their site. I know they haven’t changed much throught the years but I love looking at them and planning.


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