Disney Dream Time-lapse Sail Away from Castaway Cay

Who is ready to watch a 2-hour video of the Disney Dream leaving Castaway Cay? No? Neither am I. How about a 2-hours worth of video in 7-ish minutes? The time-lapse video begins with the last few trams returning passengers and crew to the ship followed by actual sail away from Castaway Cay. The video was recorded as the Disney Dream left Castaway Cay on October 28, 2015.

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12 Replies to “Disney Dream Time-lapse Sail Away from Castaway Cay”

  1. David Oakland

    Absolutely love Castaway Cay, my new favorite home away from home – only bad part of the video – leaving Castaway Cay… HA, thanks for sharing Scott

  2. Kelly

    Is it bad that the video made me sad? Just watching Castaway Cay fade away…*sigh always meant our cruise was ending. Love the video though, especially the passenger “herding”.

  3. John Welch

    Scott, I’m curious what equipment/set up you used for this. Was this shot on a GoPro? How many exposures/minute did you use? And lastly, what resolution was this shot at?


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