Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 12: Isabelle’s Favorite Things to do on a Disney Cruise

On this week’s podcast we talk to Isabelle about her favorite things to do on a Disney Cruise.

Show Notes

Disney Magic Oceaneer Club Andy's Room Slide

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7 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 12: Isabelle’s Favorite Things to do on a Disney Cruise”

  1. Tammi

    Loved this! Isabelle tells stories exactly the way my daughter does. It must be a 9 year old thing. I learned some things for our next cruise too.

  2. Rhonda Tilly

    Oh my goodness, this was adorable! Since we don’t cruise with children (we don’t leave them with Grandma, we just do not have any-ha!), I’ve never known about the Pepe answering machine. I think that is the greatest thing ever. I cannot wait to get back onboard so that I can call him myself.

  3. Beth

    The food at scuttle’s cove is an interesting topic. We would love to know more about what they feed the kids because our child was happy there until they served lunch and then the staff said he was very upset (and would not tell them why). Luckily we happened to be picking him up right then, but we asked him what was wrong and he said he hated what they were having for lunch. He wouldn’t really tell us much about it, and we did not really think to find out more at the time, but it was interesting because he generally eats everything and is a huge kid’s club fan. He also never gets upset about much of anything. So… interesting.

    Great podcast!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I just asked my daughter. From what she recalls they had chicken fingers, something else as a main dish, fruit salad and the big cookies. She has never stayed for lunch, so there may be more.

      1. Beth

        Sounds great to me. He must have just been having a bad day. We did not take it too seriously at the time, just thought about it when listening to your podcast. Thanks!


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