Castaway Club Collectible Ship Art Series Gallery

In early 2014, Disney Cruise Line started to show their thanks by sending a small token of their appreciation to guests following each cruise. DCL commissioned artists to create a series of five exclusive Castaway Club art cards inspired by the Disney ships in each artist’s style.

In our original article we had a brief look at each art card and now, after collecting the set we have full scans to share. For those of you that quickly purge junk mail from your mailbox keep keep an eye out for the following Castaway Club thank you envelope.

Castaway Club ARTCRD Envelope Front Castaway Club ARTCRD Envelope Back

Inside the envelope, DCL includes a brief note boiler plate note thanking you for your most recent voyage.

Castaway Club ARTCRD Insert

Each print comes with a vellum sheet with information on each artist.

Below you will find each of the five Castaway Club collective art prints with the information from he vellum sheet.

Margaret Berg Watercolor |

With a style described as “sophisticated  with a touch of whimsy,” Margaret Berg, or Magrikie Berg in her native Afrikaans, uses watercolor inks to create her flowing artwork, and relies on the spontaneity and unpredictability of the medium to giver her work its organic essence.

Margaret lives in Santa Monica, CA, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, CA.

Castaway Club ARTCRD1A

Jamey Christoph Storybook Style |

A Sunshine State native, Jamey Christoph studied illustration at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.

His stylish illustrations appear regularly in major newspapers and magazines and have received multiple recognitions from the Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts. He lives and works out of his apartment with his two dogs, Spencer and Owen.
Castaway Club ARTCRD1B

Yucel ErdoganModern Abstract |

The multitalented Yucel Erdogan is a Turkish-born artist who works not only as an illustrator, but as a painter and photographer. The style of his work is energetic and expressive, conveying motion with dramatic lines and splashes. his illustrations are done in ink and paint, and he will even employ a spontaneous touch of red wine or coffee if it happens to be on hand.

Yule, who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, holds a Master’s in Communication Design from New York’s Pratt Institute.
Castaway Club ARTCRD1C

Elvis Swift Pen and Ink Art |

As a young man, Swift was considered a dreamer, a doodler and a layabout. Ironically, he emerged as an internationally acclaimed, award winning artist.

Drawing inspiration from memories, sights, sounds and everyday objects, the reclusive Swift spends most of the time working in his rock garden, and is rarely seen in public.
Castaway Club ARTCRD1D

Gregory Manchess Oil on Canvas |

A Kentucky native, renowned artist Gregory Manchess earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 1977, but is largely self-taught in drawing and painting.

Rhythm and timing, conveying emotion through brushwork and achieving a balance of concept and aesthetics are essential components of Manchess’ technique. This has garnered him numerous prestigious assignments, and his art has appeared everywhere from the cover of National Geographic and spreads inside Newsweek to movie posters, greeting cards, children’s books and beyond.
Castaway Club ARTCRD1E

I really like the oil on canvas from Gregory Manchess. Which piece is your favorite?

24 Replies to “Castaway Club Collectible Ship Art Series Gallery”

  1. John Welch

    What’s your experience in terms of time from cruise to delivery? The start date of 2014 explains why we don’t have one from our first cruise in 2012. . 🙂

  2. Alison Ireland

    We live in Canada, and received one after a 2014 cruise but not after our 2015 cruise. Perhaps these now just go to those living in the U.S.?

  3. Tammi

    Do you get one after your first cruise or after your 2nd when you have actually sailed as a Castaway Club member?

    1. Brenda Stefanski & Joe

      We didn’t get one till after our 2nd cruise. After 1st cruise in November 2015 we received a Silver Castaway Club magnet.

  4. Ken Cowen

    We are in the UK and have done 8 cruises so far and never received any post cruise gift. Also looks like DCL / DVC are cutting down on the freebies, the Gold castaway gift on the Icelandic cruise last week was a backpack (same one for Silver, Gold and Platinum) and two DCL Castaway Cups. The gift for attending the DVC Member Presentation was a cap and a 25th badge … no other gifts during the cruise

  5. Stacy

    Elvis swift is my favorite. We live is the US, have sailed 4 times (on wonder) and not received anything in the mail but we have sailed concierge and were given the lithograph. We sail again in March. 5th times the charm?

  6. Rosaline

    Jamey Christoph is probably my favorite with Gregory Manchess coming in at a very close second. Happily, the Jamey Christoph is the one we received from our last cruise. Although, we cruised in 2013 and 2014, but only received one of these post cards. Can’t wait to get another one in a few months after our late September cruise!

  7. Tammy

    I sailed on my 4th cruise in 2015 and also sailed in 2013. I live in the U.S. but have never received anything after my cruises.

  8. Sandy

    It’s a nice idea, but it’s too bad they don’t send them to everyone. I live in Florida and have been on 3 cruises since they started this in 2014 and haven’t gotten any cards or the magnet when I turned gold.

  9. Janet

    I have been on four cruises, starting in 2014, and have received two so far. Last cruise was in May so I don’t think I have received one for that cruise as of yet.

  10. Kaley Strane DeGoursey

    Is there any rhyme or reason as to which one you get, and when? We got the Margaret Berg after our first sailing in 2015, but nothing after our 2nd or 3rd cruises. We completed our 4th last month, and got the Yucel Erdogan this week.

  11. Christie Eden

    We got the Margaret Berg after our first cruise in 2013, nothing after the 2nd and the Jamey Christoph after the 3rd.

    1. John Welch

      In our case it seems to correlate to the length of the cruise. We’ve done a few 2 & 3 night cruises and did not get one on those. All our other cruises have been 7 nights, or longer. We’ve gotten one for each of those.

      1. Christie Eden

        John, that’s so funny! Our first 2 cruises were 7 nights and the last one was a 3 night. Very interesting.

        1. John Welch

          I take back my comment. I just looked at our postcards, and we did get one on a two night and one a three night. So, I have no idea on how they are sent. 🙂

          We now have one duplicate. I was hoping to complete our collection with our latest cruise, but alas,we did not. 🙁

  12. Derek

    does Disney cruise line have caricature artists on the cruise/boats or does the castaway cay have caricature artists on it?

  13. Kevin B

    Has anyone received one of these recently? I completed a cruise last November (2021) and most recently in April (2022) and I have not received any. However, that being said, I may have received the entire collection and perhaps they won’t send me any further? Although, I’m thinking this is just another thing that went away (like the printed Navigator, onboard flight & baggage check-in, etc) that they will blame on Covid-19.


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