Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

WOW! The long wait for Captain America: Civil War is over and I wanted to share a few spoiler free thoughts. Going into the theatre, I did not really know what to expect as I’ve been avoiding any recent promotional videos and stories considering the film has been out for nearly a month in other countries which to me is a mystery. Why didn’t a Captain America movie premier in the States…


Once the early preview screenings began I avoided anything remotely connected the Marvel Cinematic Universe fearing spoilers. Thankfully, I did not see anything I’d consider a spoiler.


Anyway, Civil War was definitely entertaining with a lot of big action, but even with nearly a 2 and a half hour runtime, it did not feel bloated. There is a big action scene at an airport that is incredible. With all that action, I was surprised that I found myself wiping my eyes in London…


Unless I missed it, I did not see a connection between the film and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If I did let me know in the comments as it was clearly not glaringly obvious like previous tie ins with the TV show.


If anything I was disappointed by the score, which lacks the traditional Captain America cues in favor of a more Avengers like score. Which looking back, fits more of the film as the title is a bit misleading…


I think the film is more of a transitioning from what we’ve come to enjoy to what will be released in the future. I’m just a bit bummed that the story played out in a Captain America titled film. It was Cap centric, but there were a lot of other characters involved making the film feel more like an Avengers film than standalone Captain America. The story told was extremely captivating and held my interest throughout and left me yearning for the next batch of films.


Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Captain America: Civil War and will definitely buy the blu-ray. I’m a Cap fan so for me it is hard not to not like anything involving Captain America. If you asked me to rank the three Captain America films, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d rank them in release order.


I went out of my way to go to the theatre on Thursday night to see the film. However, I am not sure I’ll dedicate nearly 2 hrs and 30 minutes to rewatch on a Disney Cruise. Ok, I probably would go see it at night while the family sleeps, but I really wouldn’t give up daytime hours on the ship or in a port other than Nassau to watch it.


I left the theatre wanting more. So, based on this, Captain America: Civil War was a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline.

Stay in your seats until the screen goes black. There is a mid credit scene and a post credit scene. 


I will leave you with the last trailer I watched before seeing the film.


For more on the film, check out our dedicated page for the filmWhat did you think about Captain America: Civil War?


6 Replies to “Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War”

  1. t0nyhays

    I agree with you on the soundtrack. Weakest part of a REALLY strong movie. I saw it in 3D and thought some of the fight scenes looked to choppy. Can’t believe that after 12 of these movies and all the trailers, there are still HUGE twists in the movie that I didn’t see coming.

  2. Emily

    Agents of Shield should tie into the movie in the upcoming episode. The Sokovia Accords might force Coulson to reveal his work with the Inhumans.

  3. Terry

    Amazing movie. It had quite a slow start and definitely dark up until Spiderman and Ant Man came in, and they were hilarious! Can’t wait for the next Thor movie and Avengers Infinity War!!


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