Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 4: Ship Comparisons

On this week’s podcast we cover the news from the past week and compare the ships which turns in a lot of talk about the Disney Magic.

Although we did add a third microphone for Isabelle, I still had some issues with the audio this week… Ok, I messed up and didn’t check levels before recording. Please forgive me as I am still trying to figure this all out as we go.

Show Notes

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11 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 4: Ship Comparisons”

  1. Elizabeth

    I really love your (family’s) podcasts. I am not usually a podcast person, but they are really great. A few days ago I cleaned out a closet while listening to the Castaway Cay podcast. Almost made it fun!! Thank you for sharing your perspectives on all things DCL!

  2. John K

    Thanks for doing the podcast. I just started listening and so far I like the content.

    I found the audio levels quite difficult on the most recent show, I had to keep turning the audio down and up in my car to hear the person speaking. It was not always a case of different people at different levels–sometimes it was the same person whose voice seemed to get farther and closer to the microphone so the volumen varied. Perhaps you can find a way to get more uniform sound levels?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      John, This is why I included a note about the audio in the post. We had 2 options, delete it and re-record or go with what we had. Isabelle worked really hard on this episode and to redo it would have seemed forced.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Jen, I realize this episode had a lot of audio issues. Going forward I am making sure I’m checking the recording levels and we as a group are policing each other to talk into our microphones.

  3. Kim

    Great podcast! Thank you so much for sharing this – it was so fun hearing all three of your opinions on the ships! Isabelle was an awesome moderator. The Magic is our favorite ship too. Thanks again!

  4. Ken Downey

    Great podcast, thank you. Magic is also our favorite. Recently did the Eastern itinerary, the weather and islands were stunning! Does anyone know what happened to Captain John? He was our first captain and favorite.

  5. Kimi

    Really enjoyed this as well. Your daughter is very articulate for 9!
    For future podcasts, how about talking about the best kept secrets on board the ships, and best values once on board.


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