Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 1: Summer 2017 Itineraries

Join us for the Inaugural Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast as we discuss the recently announced itineraries for the summer of 2017.

Ok, this podcast is more like a sea trial since we are learning to record, edit and publish a podcast as we go.

Earlier today, I posted a Twitter poll to gauge the itinerary pricing and here are the results of this extremely scientific poll..

Regardless, thanks for listening. If you have any question, comments or feedback leave a comment below. We also have a voice mail line (321) 765-3252 allowing anyone to leave a comment or ask questions that we might feature on a future podcast.

I submitted the podcast to iTunes and Stitcher. Once approved, I will add links to subscribe to the podcast. In the interim, you can use this rss feed to manually subscribe to the podcast.

41 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 1: Summer 2017 Itineraries”

  1. Anne

    Scott, I am not in Twitter so I can not see the results – any chance to have a view without having to join ?

  2. Amber

    Great first Scott and Emily! Looking forward to more. We are feeling the overall Disney sticker shock these days and now considering other vacation options. Yes, I could not stop laughing over some of the pricing on the summer 2017 sailings…..OH MY….We have two cruises scheduled over the next 9 months but after that we are looking at other options for adult couples. We love Disney and are DVC members but the tides seem to be shifting and I value my $$$$. We love your site and all the info you put out there. It was nice to meet you last year at AK. Thanks for all you do…..

    1. walt

      Amber. I agree with you. We have never been on another cruise line because we felt in love with Disney Cruise Line. But with the 2017 pricing, I laugh so much I started crying. I started crying because after doing our reserved two future cruise with DCL from a year ago, we will find other ways to enjoy our vacations. Sad to say we can not see ourselves doing any other cruise. I guess you can say we’ve been spoiled. Thanks for your honesty. I know Scott it is not your fault. You are just the messenger.

  3. David Oakland

    I must say, I’m with Emily on the Double dip thing… I know – pay more, but the double dip is great….

  4. Mark

    Great job on the first podcast! I bit the bullet and paid my deposit for the 6/25/17 double dip on the Dream. In a 7A (cabin 9664, a not so obstructed verandah), for my wife, my 12 year old son and myself it is right at $1000 a night, which I consider expensive. We missed the double dips last time so I’m paying the premium now to make sure we get on-board next year.

  5. Adam Peterson

    My family is also not on twitter and check out the website daily. Looking forward to getting the podcast in I tunes to listen in the car when traveling for work.

  6. t0nyhays

    Awesome launch! Looking forward to more. We have one “kid” (DD20), so your perspective on costs and length of cruise are really appreciated. Would love one dedicated to DCL’ers experience on RCL. We can’t quite pull the trigger on another line, but know if the prices keep going up we may have to look into that.

  7. Sharon

    Hi Guys… great job on the podcast! Can’t wait for future ones. Do you know what days you will post them? Emily, you brought back great memories of our Southern Caribbean Cruise. It was great to meet you guys then!

  8. Kelly

    Thanks for the podcast!! All good information and I really appreciate your thoughts on taking similar cruises and which would you rather do port and cost wise-referring to the Southern Caribbean Fantasy vs Magic. I really don’t like to make comments but……..Scott-can really tell you don’t want to talk- but you should make yourself talk :-), or at least answer promptly! Emily good work-you have the knack-keep it up! It’s funny how you follow a blog for so long and then listen to a pod cast and you get a whole different perspective of folks-in a good way!!I Would have thought Scott-you are a huge talker-not so! I listened to your topics that may be upcoming and all sound interesting. Looking forward to the next.

  9. Erica

    Great podcast. I would love one on excursions. Will be going to Western Carribbean for the first time this May been on 4 cruises to the Bahamas but not to the Carribbean yet.

  10. Daniel Blay

    We are a platinum level DCL cruise family, but the new prices have really disappointed. I don’t really feel that DCL has added enough to warrant this much of a price increase. We have sailed all fours ships, seen all the current shows and could probably recite the menus from each of the three main dining rooms. We have done Palo, and I hear that doesn’t change that often either. We also have cruised enough and visited so many of the ports that what DCL is offering as “new” itineraries do not excite us as well. Unfortunately, we feel it is time to explore the other options (RCL, NCL, etc.) to see if DCL is really worth twice (or more) the price.

    1. jean jacques

      agree. I am a gold level and this year, I will do the same cruise that Disney offer (British ilse) for 1/2 price with Princess cruise. I am a real fan lover of Disney, more then 20 times at their parks, done Euro, Disney, La and Orlando. Did all their fourth both and 9 times cruise with them, but I think they really need to reduce their price. I could not image what will be the price on the future 2 new boats.

    2. walt

      I feel everyone’s pain. We are Platinum too. Did DCL cruise over and over again because we had no choice, but the past prices made it affordable and worth it. But now there is NO way we are going to pay those summer prices to go onboard the same ships and to same places again. We will keep our two future cruise because they came at half the prices of the new cruise for the summer. We will not give up our 20% discount and onboard credit to pay 2 times the prices of last year reservations. Last minute cruises might be more appealing. Check DCL website. The month of May have a week on the Magic for $3500.00 for a family of 3. 7 day Western Caribbean. DCL will not run a half full ship. They have to lower the prices.

      1. joyce

        We are gold level. Going on the 12 day Iceland/Norway cruise in a few months. This same cruise in 2017, same cabin as we have, will cost 2000 more in 2017 – that’s about a 15-20% increase in price. Ouch. Glad we are doing it in 2016. While the 9 day Alaska itinerary in 2017 looks wonderful, the price does not – it’s the same price as the 12 day cruise we are doing in 2016. As much as we love DCL, we are now looking at other cruise lines.

  11. melissa

    This was great! Love to hear a podcast on how to get a stateroom upgrade if you have any experience with that.

  12. Anne

    Loved your podcast! Price indeed is the problem… And only Disney is doing that! Hotel prices generally do not go up 10% every year and wages certainly do not.
    If Disney realigned to more reasonable prices I would happily sail again.

  13. RichG

    Great first podcast. Keep it up.

    I would love to hear more about specific ports that you have liked as well as why you like the Magic the best.

  14. Gina

    As others have already said, Great Podcast! I really really enjoyed it. Not only was it your first podcast but it was my first time listening to one! : ) Just a note – a few times during the podcast it was hard to hear Emily, maybe she turned away from the mic? Look forward to many many more! Would love to hear Emily’s thoughts on the champagne tasting. I plan on doing that on the Fantasy (unless she thinks it’s not worth it). Thanks again guys for all you do. Have a great Sunday!

  15. Lauren

    Just listened this morning on my drive to work, and I really enjoyed it. My family only discovered Disney cruising in 2015, but we are hooked – 3 cruises in just over a year! We wanted to go to Alaska in 2017, but the prices are so high. We do have a room booked one of the Magic’s S. Caribbean cruises in April 2017, so we may just keep that — “only” $4300 for the 4 of us in an inside room.

  16. Susan

    I would love your opinion on if you think the new Disney cruiseships will drive the prices back down once they are up and going?

  17. Brian

    Nice job on the first episode. We noticed that with the new DCL website they are now charging premiums based on what floor you want and if you want midship vs forward or aft. Next thing they’ll start charging more depending on how many pieces of luggage you bring aboard.

  18. Nancy Stryker

    I think that if people are complaining about specific prices and price point is that much of an issue then look for the reasonably priced cruises. We just booked the 2 week April 2017 Panama Canal Cruise and that is a cost effective way to enjoy DCL. Especially with your onboard booking discount. It is like getting the 2nd week free. My only comment is why no theme days on the 2 week cruises? Nice pod cast, I just found the web site a couple weeks ago and it is very informative and I have saved it as a favorite! Thank you.

  19. MrsBender

    We were just re-listening to this podcast while we’re making our 2017 summar vacay plans. We need your help as we seem to be at an impasse. We’re a traveling party of 4, DH and I and DD4 1/ 2 and DD2 1/2 (their ages next summer). Hubby wants to go on the new 11-night southern on the Fantasy and I’m leaning towards the 5-night SD to Vancouver followed by a 7-night Alaska. We’ve been on both ships before but, as you know, it will be a different experience on the Wonder this time around. Any input would be appreciated. TIA

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I wish I could say go for this trip because of this reason, but that is not in the best interest for either of us. I would pick the trip based on where you and your family want to visit. Both are great choices and I see how you can be having a tough time. Personally, I’d rather book a 7-night Southern out of San Juan on a classic (pending availability), which we have done on the Magic, over the longer sailing from Port Canaveral. However, that is just me speaking based on how we would pick and may or may not be feasible or the best decision for your family.

      These are two completely different destinations and overall experiences. I would suggest looking at the ports of call and deciding which will provide you and your family with a more enjoyable vacation experience. It may seem silly, but a pros/cons list may help you make this an easier decision.

      1. MrsBender

        Thanks for your input. A pro and con list really helped. It also made us realize that neither of the cruises we originally thought of really met our main wants -new ports, sea days, castaway cay. Instead, we are now booked (and fully paid. My! That 11-nt southern was pricey.) to do a 7-nt eastern Caribbean in Dec 2016 and the 15-nt EBTA crossing in May 2017. Lots of time on the Magic which is a new ship for us. Now if i could just focus on work until them… Thanks again!


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