LEGO Ideas Disney Wonder Project Has Been Resubmitted and Needs Support

The custom created Disney Wonder LEGO ship Shawn Steele created on the inaugural Hawaiian Cruise in 2012 and submitted to LEGO Ideas did not reach its supporter milestone before time expired. However, Steele has been asked to try again. Shawn hopes to get more support and exposure this time around and is asking those interested in the project to support the project and share the project on social media. Please consider supporting the new Disney Cruise Ship LEGO Ideas project and sharing the link with your friends.

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  1. Rhonda

    I supported, but Lego didn’t make it easy. I had to create not one but two accounts (and confirm them both after the activation email came through). Worth it, though! I would LOVE to have this on display in my home!!!

  2. Shawn (L3-G0)

    Thanks Scott for mentioning this again 🙂

    Up to 500 votes, 5% of the way in just a few days – way better than last time. Fingers crossed. Make sure to leave comments about how much you want it, it’s going to need expanded thinking for Lego & Disney to realize this.

    The hard part is indeed Lego making it hard for people to sign up. Helps a little to start with a FB or something, but it’s still a bit of work. I really appreciate the support!

    There’s a littler one too in case you think Lego/Disney might be more willing to go for a smaller souvenir size. (IMO the smaller one’s a no-brainer, every family on the ships would probably buy one).

    1. Shawn

      Great, thanks! People said it was too big, so I added a little one too –

      But, we’re slipping from ~50 votes/day to ~20 votes per day, which will drop us off of the “popular this week” list. And then we’ll kinda land in Lego Ideas’ dungeon of lost projects — unless we get more social media sharing! So if you like it, please tweet & FB & whatever! Thanks!

      Also check out the comments section, it has a few more details about the build. And the blog as well.

  3. Shawn

    We just went on the Fantasy for Star Wars Days and I learned that the Mini Wonder is still in the Captain’s Cabin of the Real Wonder 🙂 Cool!

    Lots of people were asking how to get one, so please vote for it and share! I’m going to have to give up trying to promote it if we can’t get it some traction because it takes a lot of time to watch that Lego Ideas forum.

  4. Bob

    Did not realize there was support for this. Will pass along to my friends who work at Walt Disney World and hope we can get a few thousand supporters, BTW we were on that same Hawaii cruise.

  5. Lynn W.

    I so wish this was a live Lego Ideas project we could vote on again. Is it worth re-submitting and trying again? I know Lego and Disney have had so many collaborations recently. I would LOVE to have a DCL cruise ship model in our home (esp of the Magic!).


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