DCL Modifies Smoking Areas on the Disney Magic & Disney Wonder

Effective immediately, there is a change to the smoking areas on decks 9 and 10 of the classic ships. The revised upper deck smoking areas aboard the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder are as follows:

  • The smoking area on Deck 9 has relocated to Deck 9, forward, port side (previously Deck 9, forward, starboard)
  • Smoking is no longer permitted on Deck 10, starboard side, forward.
  • Smoking is still allowed on Deck 4, outdoors, starboard side from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

At this time, the smoking areas onboard the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy are remaining unchanged. The smoking areas on the the Dream class ships are as follows:

  • Deck 4 port side, aft, the outside Promenade Deck from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
  • Deck 12 port side, aft, the outdoor area that is accessible through the Meridian Lounge
  • Deck 13 port side, forward, by Currents Bar

I’d like to thank Sue from Small World Vacations for alerting us to this change.

16 Replies to “DCL Modifies Smoking Areas on the Disney Magic & Disney Wonder”

  1. Ann

    I am so happy that they are limiting smoking areas. As someone who is extremely allergic to cigarette smoke, it is a nightmare going anywhere in public because someone is always smoking. Disney is the only cruise line I can go on because they do not have a casino with indoor smoking and do not allow people to smoke just anywhere. I don’t understand why some people get angry about not being able to smoke wherever they want. There are other people in this world that do not want to or can not inhale cigarette smoke. You are provided with areas where you can smoke. The rest of us want to be able to go out and not suck in toxic fumes, especially not have our children breath that in. Thank you Disney!!

    1. Liesbeth

      It’s not about the limited areas. That is a good thing. It’s about where that area is. And now they make the lounge chair area of the cove cafe a smoke zone. And is the open air space at deck 10 not possible anymore.
      I don’t understand why.

    2. Deb

      Agreed 1,000%. Cigarettes create known toxins that travel in the air unpredictably depending on air temp, wind and humidity levels. In the ideal world, no one should be allowed to indulge in any “habit” in a public setting – indoors or out – which involuntarily exposes others to those toxins. Disney is missing a great opportunity to further differentiate themselves by going totally smoke free.

  2. Ann

    I don’t know how they decide where the smoking area is to be. I think they put it by Cove Bar because smoking and drinking go together for a lot of people. Any area where a person needs to walk through to get to another area(like this zone is right by the adult area) is not a good area IMO. Smoke drifts and I would hate to have to walk through a smoking area to get to the spa or the adult zone. Frankly, I can’t understand why people can not go a few days without smoking. If you are addicted to anything that you can not go a few days without it then its time to seek help.

  3. LeoM

    So on the Wonder signs have appeared on the forwardmost starboard tables on Deck 9 saying that smoking is now permitted only on the port side. From how the tables are now separated on the port side it looks like they intend only the first few forwardmost port tables to be smoking – but there are no signs nor ashtrays.

    Interestingly enough, the Navigator now shows “Deck 9, Forward, Port Side” as a smoking area but also still lists “Deck 10, Forward, Starboard side” as a smoking area.

  4. LeoM

    It turns out I didn’t go sufficiently far forward. The new smoking section on the Wonder is up past the curve of the spa rooms. It is actually a very nice space – four tables with magnificent views forward and port. The only downside is that while it is covered (by Deck 10) it has open railings – so not so good on a windy, rainswept night in Alaska or the North Atlantic.

  5. Shawn (L3-G0)

    Does port or starboard really matter? Curious about that. Oh, I guess there’s food there….
    How about no smoking on the ships at all? (Yea, probably too radical… maybe a few no smoking weeks like they have star wars weeks?) Annoying to walk through a cloud of smoke because you’re on the wrong side. Worse to try to do laps on deck 4.

    1. LeoM

      Re: Shawn – The shift from Deck 9 starboard to port is really a shift forward on the vessel – from the tables next to the cove swimming pool/hot tub to the deck area next to the Spa’s Men’s Locker room. Since it is an open space that no one but crew goes through and the locker room has no windows it makes perfect sense as a smoking area.

      1. Shawn

        Ah, so it’s forward of the cove. Too bad smoke travels aft as the ship sails (they should put it on that fantail deck thing that nobody knew of and now seems to be now missing?)

      2. Wanda Paris

        Except, the wind is fierce in that area, the smoke still came back around to the pool area. Also, the butts of cigs. would fly off and be blown down the deck sometimes off onto the deck below. the area was never cleaned unless someone complained. it is the adults area only sec, but kids were coming thru there to a set of stairs. there is a sign, letting you know of the smoking section so that you can go to the other side of ship to get to the spa.
        Smokers are not going away, they have been quarantined to a 20X10 area of a 80,000 ton ship. Do not judge smoking addiction, we ALL have faults of some kind. What no ones thinks about is I have an allergic reaction to Mush oil perfumes and colognes, but i don’t see anyone telling person’s they can’t wear it in Elevators or in the Dinning rooms.

  6. Stormy

    I cannot abide cigarette smoke. I’ve never smoked a single cigarette my whole entire life…not counting those my parents smoked and forced me to inhale in the back seat of the car growing up! To this day, I refuse to set foot anywhere where there is cigarette smoke. I have liked Disney NOT having a casino so I don’t have to be forced to smell it. Cudos to Disney for not having a casino. But I do want to say that there is an alternative – Princess does not allow smoking anywhere on the ship (except that dratted casino that I never set foot in or near!) except one small area on the very top deck, one side only. There is no smoking allowed in any of the rooms or balconies and it’s wonderful! We went on a cruise once where we were downwind of a heavy smoker who spent all his time smoking on his balcony and I never could get out on our balcony because of his smoke. It was torture. So, now it’s banned completely. Just an FYI that there are alternatives out there to Disney. AND! they actually come to the West Coast on a regular basis, too! Wow, what a novel concept…Disney!

  7. Erikitty

    I think that’s it’s only fair to keep an area of the ship for people to smoke. I smoke. I shouldn’t be punished for doing something totally legal just because I love Disney. Personally I am allergic to many perfumes (like someone above stated) I’m also allergic to many laundry soaps and dryer sheets/fabric softeners. Yet I’m choked by so many ladies anytime I have to walk by them. Yet we still allow those people onto the boats.


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