Livorno, Italy Replacing La Spezia During the 2016 7-Night Mediterranean Cruises

Disney Cruise Line is replacing calls to La Spezia, Italy with Livorno, Italy during the 2016 7-Night Mediterranean Cruises on the Disney Magic. There are two different 7-night Mediterranean itineraries available to book in 2016. The only difference between the two itineraries is the August 13, 2016 cruise visits Cannes instead of Villefranche on the sixth day of the cruise.

If you recall, this same change was made for the 2015 sailings due to Italian Naval operations. I suspect this itinerary modification could be due to guest feedback from the 2015 sailings with Livorno.

Livorno is Tuscany’s second-largest city and like La Spezia serves as a gateway to Pisa and Florence. The two ports are about a 90 minute drive apart. The good news is that Livorno is closer to Pisa and Florence than La Spezia which should allow for more time to explore either of those areas with the reduced drive time. As a result most Port Adventures should remain unchanged.

There is a set of personal navigators available from the August 15, 2015 sailing that visited Livorno, Italy. Any cruise meet links have been reassigned to revised sailings.

I am not aware of any changes to the 12-Night Greek Isles Cruise leaving Barcelona on August 1, 2016. This is the only future cruise scheduled to visit La Spezia.

Thank you Tracy for passing along this information.

6 Replies to “Livorno, Italy Replacing La Spezia During the 2016 7-Night Mediterranean Cruises”

  1. Anne

    Annoyingly the excursion I wanted to do will probably be made redundant by this change… but again this created new opportunities for people wanted to visit Pisa or Florence.
    I’d be interested to hear from people who experienced shore excursions from Livorno and hear their recommendations.

  2. LeoM

    I’m jealous. The bus ride from La Spezia to Florence and back again was definitely the low point of our Mediterranean cruise. Just have to go again one day I guess….

  3. Anne

    Disney still hasn’t updated their Port Adventure page accordingly, which is frustrating in regards to selecting excursions. I still have no clear idea if my initial choice will be available or not.

  4. Anne

    Livorno had been updated – however the description still doe not reflect the change of port with real travel times. It is simply a copy and paste of La Spezia, which is very misleading.

    I suspect some of the Port Adventures will also disappear after they realise they are not manageable from Livorno.


  5. Anne

    After contacting Disney about the non updated Port Adventure description it does appear that some Port Adventures will not be offered – you can spot a message in the description category.


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