Disney Magic’s 2015 Mediterranean Cruises Visiting Livorno, Italy Instead of La Spezia

Disney Cruise Line is notifying guests booked on this summer’s 5-Night and 7-Night Mediterranean cruises of a planned itinerary change. Due to planned Italian Naval maneuvers in the area, the scheduled berth in La Spezia, Italy will not be available for these calls. As a result, the Disney Magic will call on nearby Livorno, Italy. Livorno is Tuscany’s second-largest city and like La Spezia serves as a gateway to Pisa and Florence. The two ports are about a 90 minute drive apart. The good news is that Livorno is closer to Pisa and Florence than La Spezia which should allow for more time to explore either of those areas with the reduced drive time.

Livorno La Spezia Italy Google Map

DCL created the following itinerary names for the revised sailings:

According to the email from DCL, this port change will not impact most Guests who have pre-reserved Port Adventures, there may be some instances where changes are needed. Guests with pre-booked Port Adventures that may need to be modified will be contacted by DCL on a case by case basis. Guests may also review their Port Adventure plans in the My Cruise Plans section on DCL’s website.

Below is a copy of the email from Disney regarding this slight itinerary change for the Disney Magic which was passed along to us by Sue from Small World Vacations.

DCL Magic Itinerary Change August 15 2015 La Spezia Livorno Italy

11 Replies to “Disney Magic’s 2015 Mediterranean Cruises Visiting Livorno, Italy Instead of La Spezia”

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Thanks, it looks like all 4 Med sailings have been altered. I’ve updated the post to reflect the update. Maps will be updated when I can get back to my desk.

  1. Ramsays

    We have visited Livorno a few times and for those who don’t want to visit Pisa or Florence (again) it is a lovely place. It feels less touristy and we loved visiting the shops and bought some embroidered clothes for our daughter (she was a baby then) quite cheaply. All of this is a walk from the jetty/harbour. We love Florence and Pisa but if we had a chance we would love to have a stroll around Livorno again. Nice locals people too. I just got the impression the local appreciated you visiting.

  2. Rodessa

    How can i go to disney magic cruise in livorno italy? Please help me because i want to go with kids. Thanks

  3. Anne Notte

    I noticed that the Port Adventure page for La Spezia is more and more empty everyday. Hardly anything left!
    Would you have a clue why?

    I am sailing in 2016 so it is not critical yet but I would like to know my options… Thanks!

  4. Anne

    I finally had the answer : I was still accessing the old version of DCL website which did not feature all shore excursions ! Happy to see that all my favorite choices are back !


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