Oh My Disney Provides First Look At the Maximus Puppet from Tangled: The Musical

Oh My Disney released a behind the scenes video this week providing the first look at Maximus, the puppet created by master puppet designer Michael Curry. Curry’s extraordinary creations are featured in Disney’s Tony Award-winning musical The Lion King on Broadway, created a brand-new pedigree of puppetry in Maximus. The video takes viewers behind the scenes of the Toronto rehearsals to see how David, the puppeteer brings the Maximus puppet from Tangled The Musical to life!

Maximus moves around a lot so here are some extracted frames from the video to get a better look at the level of detail that goes into turning an animated character into an onstage puppet.

DCL Maximus Puppet Hand Controls Tangled The Musical

With the use of hand controls, David brings Maximus to life with different facial expressions, move his ears and wag his tail.

DCL Maximus Puppet Tangled The Musical DCL Maximus Puppet Head Ear Tangled The Musical DCL Maximus Puppet Eyes Tangled The Musical DCL Maximus Puppet Smiling Tangled The Musical

DCL Maximus Puppet Tail Tangled The Musical

Although, David and the puppet are not in full costume, Maximus looks great.

DCL Maximus Puppet Full Body Tangled The MusicalI do not know about you, but I am excited to see the reveal of Rapunzel’s magical hair.

Tangled: The Musical will debut during the November 11, 2015 4-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Magic – Itinerary A departing from Miami, Florida. This sailing is also the first Very MerryTime Cruise of 2015 for the Disney Magic.


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