Disney Magic’s First Call in Geiranger, Norway – Disney Dreams’ Frozen Update

On June 10, 2015, the Disney Magic arrived in Geiranger, Norway on day 5 of her first ever Norwegian Fjords cruise. Disney photographer, Matt Stroshane, was set up before the ship arrived and captured the Magic’s arrival into the majestic fjord that inspired the fairytale kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen.

DCL Disney Magic First Call Geiranger DCL Disney Magic First Call Geiranger Norway DCL Disney Magic First Call Docking Geiranger

During the day, the Disney Magic was viewable from the Geirangerfjord Port Webcam.

Disney Magic Geirangerfjord Port WebcamYesterday, the Disney Magic made her first call to Alesund where guests had the opportunity to meet with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff during Port Adventure. Tomorrow, guests aboard the Magic will be part of her first visit Bergen.

Disney also released the following video from today’s arrival.

Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic Updated With Anna, Elsa and Olaf

Tucked away in the video are brief clips of the new Frozen scenes which have been added to Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic.

Disney Dreams Frozen Anne Marie Peter Pan Olaf Disney Dreams Frozen Peter Pan Elsa Disney Dreams Frozen Anne Marie Peter Pan Anna


5 Replies to “Disney Magic’s First Call in Geiranger, Norway – Disney Dreams’ Frozen Update”

  1. Shannnon

    Do you know if any scenes were taken away from the Disney Dreams Show?
    Its one of our favourites and would just be interested in finding out what was changed in the show? Also do both Anna and Elsa Sing?

  2. Grant

    From what I could tell when watching the new version, most scenes were simply shortened. I could not tell that any character appearances were actually removed, except for current call. Not as many characters appeared for current call from what I remember. And yes, both Anna and Elsa sing. The changes were really neat. I only heard people praising the new changes and majority of people on the cruise were returning guest. The new techicnal features are amazing!

  3. trmom52@gmail.com

    I wish there was a place to purchase a video of it once you’ve seen it on the cruise. It’s a lovely show. I enjoyed it so much more than the one on the Wonder. Truly amazing talent.


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