Avengers Assembling on the Disney Magic as Thor and Spider-Man Join the Crew

Guests sailing aboard the Disney Magic in Europe are encountering some new marvelous meet and greet opportunities. So far, Thor and Spider-man have joined the crew as recently as the first Norwegian Fjords cruise with meet and greet times listed in the Navigators.

Below are some photos of Thor and Spider-Man shared by Instagram user dvandenr. Thanks again for allowing us to share your Instagrams.


Disney Magic Thor Instagram Dvandenr Disney Magic Thor Alternate Instagram Dvandenr


Disney Magic Spider Man Instagram Dvandenr

Captain America

Captain America joined the crew of the Disney Magic in October 2013 following the ship’s re-imagination which saw the addition of the Avengers Academy.

Disney Magic Captain America Instagram Dvandenr

We’ve received some rumors about a month ago alluding to these new crew members. I would not be surprised to see additional Avengers appearing on the Disney Magic.


5 Replies to “Avengers Assembling on the Disney Magic as Thor and Spider-Man Join the Crew”

  1. Ken

    Rapunzel from Tangled also on the Norway cruise last week … Not sure if this is new but first time I had seen her.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Depending on the itinerary there should be multiple opportunities to meet Cap. Also check the navigator on embarkation day for the specific Marvel Meet & Greets as you will need to get tickets for this experience.


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