Disney Dream 2015 Dry Dock Announced: Enhancements Include Star Wars, Disney Infinity, Satellite Falls and Other Magical Makeovers

UPDATE: First Look of the New Disney Dream in our Day 1 Trip Log.

Disney Cruise Line confirmed some of the new additions and experienece coming the the Disney Dream this October during her first dry dock. The Disney Dream 2015 Dry Dock will be in Freeport, Bahamas from October 4 – 24, 2015. There will be some exciting changes to the children’s spaces with the addition of a Star Wars themed area and another dedicated to Disney Infinity video game. A new candy store inspired by Wreck-it Ralph will sell candy and serve homemade gelato to passengers. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be added to the Disney Dream. The changes are not just for the kids; Satellite Falls which is a wonderful spot on the Disney Fantasy will be added to the Disney Dream.

Additional enhancements around the Disney Dream include the addition of the Funnel Puddle family wading pool, décor enhancements and high–tech upgrades at 687 Pub, Pink, the District Lounge and Skyline. Midship Detective Agency will be updated with The Muppet themed game, The Case of the Stolen Show.

This wave of enhancements to the Disney Dream will debut on the October 26, 2015 4-Night Bahamian Cruise – Itinerary A from Port Canaveral to sailing to the Nassau and Castaway Cay. Guess what… We have been booked on this cruise since last May and look forward to bringing you live updates on October 26th!

Satellite Falls

Exclusively for adults, Deck 13 forward will include a new water feature, Satellite Falls, a circular splash pool with benches and a gently falling rain curtain that provides cool comfort. Around this upper deck, adult guests can soak up the sun in loungers or relax in the shade under a canopy. Satellite Falls was an instant hit when it debuted on the Disney Fantasy.

Disney Fantasy Satellite Falls

Presently, the Disney Dream just has an open deck.

Disney Dream Deck 13 Forward

Oceaneer Club Enhancements

Star Wars Experience

A newly themed area in Disney’s Oceaneer Club, open to ages three to 12, will delight children with an out-of-this-galaxy experience inspired by the Star Wars saga.

Disney Dream 2015 Dry Dock Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Kids will be transported to a far away galaxy at Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, a Force-filled play area inspired by the spacecraft from the legendary saga. Upon entering the spaceship, younglings will join the Rebel Alliance in the epic battle of good versus evil by assisting with the navigation of this powerful space vehicle. Sitting in the cockpit, children can pilot this super-cool spaceship through hyperspace and trigger lightspeed jumps to different locations around the galaxy.

In Millennium Falcon, children can express their creativity through Star Wars-themed crafts, games and activities. They can also watch episodes from the new Disney XD animated series, “Star Wars Rebels,” on a large screen or virtually join the rebellion at gaming stations featuring the series’ action-packed adventures.

The excitement continues during a shipboard version of the popular Jedi Training Academy experience that invites young Jedi hopefuls – known as “Padawans” – to learn lightsaber moves from a Jedi Master. They can then use the Force and face off in a final test against the evil Darth Vader.

Sure, Star Wars will garner most of the attention in the Oceaneer Club, but there is something else…

High-Tech Disney Infinity Space Adds Adventure for Kids 

A high-tech interactive space based on the Disney Infinity video game will offer more fun for kids. In the Disney Infinity Toy Box area, children can experience a whole new way of playing together with exciting virtual experiences and immersive activities. Customized, on-screen adventures will bring to life characters and stories from across The Walt Disney Company.

The complete set of Disney Infinity character figures will be on display for creative inspiration and available for gameplay. Kids visiting this special room will be able to unlock exclusive Disney Cruise Line content that they can continue to enjoy when playing Disney Infinity at home.

Special activities will bring the virtual gameplay experience to life in the real world. For example, a life-sized Disney Infinity Base sets the stage where children take the place of character figures for a group gaming experience unlike any other. Lighting up in response to gameplay on a large screen, this interactive floor will allow kids to be immersed in the Toy Box.

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats will satisfy the sweet tooth of cruisers of all ages, with handmade gelato and ice cream, an assortment of candy, and delectable novelty treats for purchase. New to Deck 11, the smell of freshly baked waffle cones and candy will linger from the specialty store’s two entrances, inside Cabana’s restaurant and outside by the pool deck.

Disney Dream 2015 Dry Dock Vanellopes Sweets Treats

Resembling the whimsical candy land of the Sugar Rush race car game in “Wreck-It Ralph,” the sweet shop’s décor features nods to the film, including a race track and checkerboard patterned floor, gas pump-style gumball dispensers, Vanellope’s race car and King Candy’s throne.

Magical Makeover Salon for Princesses and Pirates

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, coming to Deck 5 midship, will bring to life the storybook fantasies of young guests with pixie-dusted and piratical makeovers. This very special salon will offer aspiring princesses and knights ages three to 12 the chance to transform into royalty with the help of a fairy godmother-in-training. On pirate party night this boutique becomes The Pirates League where swashbuckling pirates of all ages will have the opportunity to unleash their inner buccaneer.

35 Replies to “Disney Dream 2015 Dry Dock Announced: Enhancements Include Star Wars, Disney Infinity, Satellite Falls and Other Magical Makeovers”

  1. Mindy T.

    What is currently in the spaces now? Empty space? Will the dessert place be free (included in the cruise) or an extra cost. Curious what is there now. Thanks!

    1. Carol G

      It will be at an additional cost – Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats will satisfy the sweet tooth of cruisers of all ages, with handmade gelato and ice cream and assortment of candy, and delectable novelty treats for purchase.

    2. Anonymous

      Pure speculation, but looking at the deck plans, with the comment that it will have entrances from both Cabanas and the pool deck, makes me wonder if the sweet shop will replace the arcade? Especially with the enhanced gaming aspects of Disney Infinity going into the club.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Steph, the Disney Wonder will head to dry dock in 2016. The Dream class ships are required to dry dock every 5 years and will be the first for the Dream.

    2. Paul White

      Also, the Wonder still needs to be able to fit in the Panama Canal. Until the new locks are finished, they will keep pushing the Wonder dry dock schedule back because the refit will make it too long to fit in the old locks.

  2. Alan

    Scott, speaking of the Wonder…do you know if all the room renovations are complete? Also is this a complete make over of the rooms or just a face lift with the bedding / cosmetic things. Have a upcoming cruise on the wonder. Thanks for the great blog.

  3. Peter

    Why everything in the kids’ club has to be high-tech-vurtual-plug-in-your-kid-to-a-monitor? What’s wrong with old fashion jingle gym, climbing nets and slides? My son loves the slide in the kid’s club on Wonder, and the mini golf on Fantasy, but after half an hour in the kid’s club, he was ready to leave.
    Also I feel that the new candy/ ice cream store is not a good idea neither, it us right there by the pool, every kid will want to buy something every time they walk by it. Instead of free ice cream they are now charging extra for candies and waffle cones and Gelato.
    Don’t get me started with the price increase for the adult only dining….
    Disney Cruise is expensive as it is, now they are finding more ways to have us spend even more.

      1. DJ

        I agree… Paying $11.95 (or whatever it is) for a pound of Swedish Fish is off-setting to me. And of COURSE my kids are going to insist. I will make sure to pack candy now.

        If they take away the self-soft serve, I will really be upset. My kids hit that thing several times a day.

  4. Eric

    I think this is a much needed upgraded and great use of the newly acquired Star Wars franchise. I was hoping that the Fantasy was the only ship getting some Star Wars love. Although the dream is only (4-5?) years old you have a lot of repeat kids coming aboard as well as other cruise lines really uping their game as far as what they are offering. Disney ships are magic, but they have to keep evolving to keep the faithful to keep paying these prices and maybe snag those who might consider other cruise lines. Plus there is an obvious trend here where people are adding a 3-4 night cruise during their visit to the parks. I agree with one comment about selling more candy/gelato, etc, but I think this will add a new bit of fun to a space the frankly doesn’t get a lot of use.

    1. Walt S.

      I agree with you Eric. As a Platinium I know for a fact the arcade room barely get used because of so many other things to do on the 3-4 night cruise. As Peter say, it’s about making more money. Who can turn down their children the new candy/ ice cream if that’s what they want. After all they are on vacation.

        1. Chris

          Ill have to go back and look, but a lot of those spaces are support function areas for the ship. Everything from crew offices like safety and environmental to crew rest areas. Theres also a large area that is dedicated to the a/c system on the classics.

    1. Joa

      Tom .. there is a Concierge Lounge on the Magic now. It was finished while we were on the WBTA in Sept. It takes up a small area of Deck 10 to provide a shaded outdoor seating area (tables and chairs, not loungers), then there is an inside bit which overlooks Quiet Cove pool, above Signals bar. It looked nice, we had a quick gander!

  5. LeoM

    Does anyone here know what is on the port side of deck 11 between the male restroom and cabanas? Just wondering if it is kitchen/staff space they can give up for Vanellope’s or if it means the end of the arr-cade.

    I assume Bibbidi Bobbidi is going into the conference room space.

    1. Chris

      judging by the ships plans, theres a couple of things in the way. Some of it is for the engineering of the exhaust stacks, and some of it is for Cabanas. Doesn’t look like there is anything that could be sacrificed for a new area.

  6. Tom

    From the Orlando Sentinel re Vanellope’s:

    “The new shop will replace the space housing the ship’s arcade.”

  7. Ashley B

    Will Eye Scream still be there for free treats? That’s one of our favorite things about the Dream!

  8. Angela West

    has anyone heard if they were taking anything out of the kids clubs? Hoping my grand daughter will be able to experience Pixie Hollow and Andy’s room when we go (Feb. 2016)


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