Disney Vacation Club Point Charts Updated for New 2016 Disney Cruise Sailings

Alongside this week’s Summer 2016 itinerary announcement, Disney Vacation Club published updated Point Charts to include the new sailings. Our DVC DCL Point Page has been updated with the following point charts for 2016.

Disney Magic 2016 DVC Point Charts

Disney Wonder 2016 DVC Point Charts

Disney Dream 2016 DVC Point Charts

Disney Fantasy 2016 DVC Point Charts

I’d like to thank our friends over at TourPlans.com who were kind enough to share the updated charts with us.

2 Replies to “Disney Vacation Club Point Charts Updated for New 2016 Disney Cruise Sailings”

  1. Keith

    What is the approximate cost per point for the vacation club? I have heard in the past that the initial buy in is quite steep (~$20K)!

  2. QQ

    It all depends on how many points you want. Currently points are being sold by Disney at $165 per point (25 point minimum) but it will be going up to $168 per point in early December.

    Points can be bought cheaper on the resale market BUT BUT BUT… they can only be used for DVC properties or RCI. They can not be used for any of the “Disney Collection” or Adventures by Disney.

    In considering DVC, also remember that there are annual dues required. The annual dues vary based on your home resort and are between $5.50 and $7 per point per year.


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