At Look at a Disney Wonder Refurbished Stateroom

It was revealed last month, the staterooms aboard the Disney Wonder were being refreshed. From what we have heard, the project is being completed in stages with blocks of rooms taken out of service during each sailing.

Today, we received some pictures from Coby Rich who was fortunate enough to be assigned one of the refurbished staterooms during a recent cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.  As you can see, the stateroom looks just like the re-imagined staterooms aboard the Disney Magic. The beds are no longer able to separate, but they are elevated to allow for easy luggage storage.Disney Wonder Refurbished Stateroom 8512 Disney Wonder Refurbished Stateroom 8512 CouchAnother reader sent in a photo of the refrigerator that was in his brother’s remodeled stateroom. It appears to be an indel B minibar, potentially the indel B DT40 Plus which is made specifically for cruise ships.

Disney Wonder Indel B Minibar Refrigerator

According to DCL, the stateroom refurbishment project will continue through April. I imagine the goal is to be finished prior to the Wonder’s Westbound Panama Canal cruise which leaves PortMiami on May 1st.

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  1. Bill B

    You only mention the bed. Can you or Coby elaborate a little more for us that have never sailed on the Wonder or Magic? What else has been updated (carpet, sofa, walls, cooler, etc…). Thanks!

    1. Bill B.

      I sent Scott a picture that my brother sent me today of a refrigerator in his room. Hopefully he will add it to his article here and you can make the call. My brother said it’s a real refrigerator but I really don’t know since I have never sailed on the Wonder yet. He also said that everything in his room on deck 7 looked fresh and new but I don’t know how much weight to put on that comment since he has never sailed on a Disney cruise before.

  2. Darren Blois

    We just finished a cruise on the Wonder, cabin 8084 (deck 8, port side aft). It was one of the renovated cabins. New bed was great for storage and sleeping. Deck 8, starboard side aft was closed for our cruise so we assume those cabins were being refurbished.

  3. Connie Beeck

    Looking forward to Eastbound Panama Canal cruise in October 2015, hoping to enjoy the renovations! Any tips or information on the cruise or ports of call excursions welcomed!

  4. sussell

    Is the sofa a sleeper or does it just become a twin size bed. I ask bc my twin boys will be 3 and if it’s a sleeper they might both fit on the sofa bed instead of using the upper bunk.


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