Disney Magic Part of a Historic Day at Port Canaveral

On Sunday February 15, 2015 a total of 6 cruise ships were berthed at Port Canaveral terminals. The Disney Magic was one of 4 ships on turnover days along with the Carnival Liberty, the Carnival Sunshine, the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas and the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas were visiting Port Canaveral as part of scheduled itineraries.

Reports indicate Port Canaveral accommodated over 26,000 cruise passengers throughout the day on Sunday either debarking in the morning, visiting for the day, or embarking on a new adventure.

SpaceCoastDaily.com shared areal footage of the six cruise ships docked at Port Canaveral. Turn down the volume before playing the video as the helicopter noise is very loud.

3 Replies to “Disney Magic Part of a Historic Day at Port Canaveral”

  1. Bill B.

    I noticed this yesterday when I was checking out the port webcams. I didn’t know it was a record but I knew it was the most I had ever saw at Port Canaveral at one time. That’s neat.

    On a different note as that helicopter was showing the various views and angles of the port it really let’s you see just how vulnerable this port would be to a major hurricane with a high storm surge. I thought the same thing for Miami when I saw all of those homes built right down along the port channel.

  2. Beerman

    Not any more exposed than any other shore line from Brownville Tx to Bangore ME. From a person who has lived in south east Louisiana since 1945. First one was the 1947 hurricane they did not name them backck then, Betsy 200 dead Katrina 1500 dead.

  3. jcarwash

    As we departed on the Magic, we were treated to a horn battle between the Magic and Quantum. That was a lot of fun. Sadly, I have no recording for you…


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