Joffrey’s Coffee Replacing Nescafé at Sea

In early 2013, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company, entered into a long-term strategic alliance replacing Nescafé as the standard coffee offering at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, and the Disney Vacation Club properties. However, at that time DCL was not included in the changeover, well that time appears to be over. Joffrey’s Coffee machines are replacing the Nescafé machines at sea. According to a few reports the new machines were installed aboard the Disney Fantasy on May 31st, Disney Wonder on June 2nd, Disney Dream on June 10th, and were already available on the Disney Magic during last week’s Mediterranean cruise. 

Joffreys Coffee Machine Disney Dream June102014

Have you tried the new Joffrey’s Coffee onboard? Would you call this is an improvement?


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  1. Marion

    NOOOOOO!!!!! lol my poor little Greek heart can’t take it! I was raised on Nescafé!!! /sob I may never sail Disney Cruise Line again!!!! (kidding, but sad that the switch is finally taking place.) Thanks for the update!

  2. TMac

    GREAT news!!!!!!! Being a frequent Disney cruiser, I could not stand Nescafe…I always had a problem with the “coffee” on board…I am so happy I will enjoy good coffee on my next 2 cruises, July and October!

    1. Carole

      You won’t be happy. This was our third cruise and the coffee was bad enough before and hard to disguise even in a cappicino, now good grief, it’s horrible. Can’t drink the stuff. How about a quality coffee for a change but I did notice this year 2017, they have cheezed out on their food (evening meal), the drink station is moved to one corner and the cups are small so they are downsizing. The veal cutlet was so hard I could not cut it and the lobster tail had to have been microwaved, no butter left at the table, some just poured over….dumbing down the cruise…shame

  3. Bill B.

    What do you know about this coffee Scott? What I mean I guess is it still instant or fresh brewed, taste (your opinion)? When we go to the world we pack our own to avoid the stuff they serve in the parks. As you know on the ship you don’t have that option. I drink the stuff they have onboard simply because I will get a headache if I don’t (caffeine withdrawals).

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Bill, I also have the same issue with the caffeine withdrawals. In the past I’ve used a travel coffee mug with a built in french press. However, this was got a little messy dealing with the coffee grounds. Lately, I’ve been brining Starbucks’ VIA packs, or just buy a latte at Cove/Vista. My other onboard vice is the Illy coffee brewed at Remy/Palo.

      I have not tried the Joffrey’s from the newly installed machines, but I do enjoy the coffee they brew and server at Walt Disney World. During a stay at a DVC resort last fall we really enjoyed having Joffery’s as the in the room choice. I will be the first to admit, coffee just like many things is very subjective. For example with brewed coffee, I love Starbucks, but can hardly tolerate Dunkin. While on the other hand my wife’s has the reverse opinion. I just know I am very happy for the change on the ships.

    2. Carole

      I’m with you, when we dock at a port, our first stop is a coffee shop. Too bad we can’t stock up on it onboard. The coffee sucks big time and now they are cheezing out on the food. I think we will be looking for a different cruise line. So sick of paying big prices and having these corporations screw you.

  4. Alex

    Agreed TMac! The weakest link and something we always gave feedback on was the Nescafe coffee…Hoping Joffrey’s is better, but maybe it’s just instant coffee in general that doesn’t taste right?

  5. Jennifer Murphy

    What coffee to they serve in the dining rooms? We had coffee with our dessert every night while sailing on the Wonder this past winter and it was delicious. But I am glad to hear they are getting rid of the Nescafe!

      1. Jennifer Murphy

        Our server on the Wonder told us that it is a Jamaican coffee. Jamaican coffee is some of the best there is, in my opinion. He was also from Jamaica so maybe and maybe not.

  6. Walt S.

    Any coffee is good with French vanilla creamer. I ALLOW bring my own French vanilla creamer when on board. I can’t drink straight coffee. Maybe it will be better with the new coffee. My next cruise is in the fall. Thanks Scott for the update.

  7. jcarwash

    I’m pretty sure some or all of the dining room coffee was Nescafe. I saw the Nescafe machines during a Fantasy galley tour in Feb 2013, although I also saw what looked like a fresh-brew coffee machine as well.

    I like (liked?) Nescafe but I also like the Joffrey’s they now have at WDW. As long as there is coffee on board. 🙂

  8. Sarah

    I was on the recent May EBTA and tried the new Joffrey’s “coffee”. It is TERRIBLE. It doesn’t even taste like coffee, it’s more like a weird soy sauce flavor. The Nescafe was actually better, which is really sad because we all know how that tasted. The coffee they serve in the dining rooms is not the same stuff because it actually tasted like real coffee. I ended up paying for coffee drinks from Cove Cafe rather than drinking any more of whatever that Joffrey’s stuff is. Seriously, just awful.

  9. Alecia

    We missed the switch by 1 day (sailed on the Fantasy May 24-30). We had breakfast at Enchanted Garden one morning (instead of going to Cabanas) and mentioned how much we were enjoying the coffee in the dining rooms. We were informed that it was Nescafe.

  10. W Paul

    I was on the 5/31 Fantasy sailing and the new coffee machines were in place. I tried coffee from both drink stations several times during the week long cruise. Every time the coffee was horrible. We would take a sip or two and threw out the remaining coffee. Not even drinkable not matter what we added to the coffee. Tasted like bad instant coffee and was very weak – not even as dark as tea.

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  12. Javier Garcia

    I sailed on the Disney Dream 6/8 to 6/12 and the coffee machines in Cabanas were changed on the 10th but the ones at the drink stations were not changed for the duration of the cruise. They were still Noescafe on disembarkation day. The coffee in the dining rooms was Nescafe on the 10th but Joffrey’s the last night.

  13. Janet

    I am not happy to hear about the change. We took a 4 day cruise on the Dream in 2012. We went Concierge and I drank most of my coffee from the lounge, which was the best coffee I have ever had. My daughter called Disney after we got back and was told that it was Nescafe. We found some in the store & it is nearly as good as it was on the ship. I think Disney should have given the Joffrey’s coffee a trial and let customers vote on which one they liked the most. If it is as bad as some of these reviewers say, I and my family will all be complaining to Disney about it!

    1. Janet

      I totally agree with you!!! I LOVED the coffee on our first Disney Cruise in 2012 (I don’t like coffee that is so strong it is bitter), but I drank hot chocolate after my first taste of the stuff on the 2014 cruise. I HATE the new coffee and think Disney needs to re-think things and go back to Nescafe!

  14. Sanjay

    We sailed on Fantasy this summer. Coffee at breakfast is awful to say the least. It is surely a step down from the brand they used on our earlier sailings.

  15. Chris

    Just returned from a cruise on the Disney Magic. Great coffee. Great cruise. Great everything. Can’t wait to go again.

  16. Nancy

    So excited! My first experience of Joffrey’s was at WDW this past June. It’s really good! Nice to see in on the Disney ships!


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