Trip Log Day 1: Disney Fantasy – Port Canaveral Embarkation

Trip log, day one. Embarkation day at Port Canaveral.
7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Itinerary A
 from Port Canaveral, FL
March 8, 2014

Day one started at the stroke of midnight as we were still packing. Just before 2 AM, we finally went to bed for a few hours of sleep before driving over to Port Canaveral to set out on a 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy. This cruise has scheduled stops in St Maarten a, St Thomas, and Castaway Cay along with 3 (hopefully) relaxing days at sea. When the we saw the Disney Fantasy we knew our vacation was about to begin! Little did we know we’d soon be held hostage for a good 20+ minutes by the drawbridge just around the bend from the port.

Almost To Port Canaveral

The arrival process at Port Canaveral continues to flow like a well oiled machine. We arrived around at the terminal to drop off our luggage around 11 AM. We sped through security and the check-in process and were ready to board the ship. We were assigned boarding group 1, but by the time we checked in, they were already announcing group 8. We were thrilled to still see the happy Olaf from Frozen, still hanging out in the terminal.

Olaf At Port Canaveral!

As we were headed on the ship, we were presented with the day one Personal Navigator, which includes an brief overview of the key events for the sailing. Even though Need for Speed is a Dreamworks movie, it is being distributed by Disney so it will premier at 12:01 AM on Friday!
Need For Speed Movie PreEAR

As expected, the new internet data plans are now available on the Disney Fantasy with amazing introductory prices! So far, the internet has exceeded my expectations and the fact that I need to only worry about data, rather than time spend online is refreshing!

Connect@Sea Infosheet Data Plans Live On The Disney FantasyOur first order of business after being announced as we entered the atrium was to drop off our rebooking form.
Rebooking Form Turned InAs we made our way to the aft stairs, we stopped by to check on Pepe, but he was not home. We even called him repeatedly once we arrived in our stateroom.
Pepe Was NOT HomeWe still had some time before we could enter our stateroom, so we hit up Cabanas for a light lunch and the drink of the day, Paradise Punch.
Drink Of The Day Paradise Punch

I was happy to see the Minute Maid Pomegranate Light Lemonade at the drink station.
Minute Maid Light Pomegranate Lemonade

After lunch, our stateroom was available. We just took it easy and slowly unpacked as our luggage arrived rather than hanging out on deck considering we were a little sleep deprived.
Leaving Port Canaveral Panorama

We enjoyed the aft verandah during a chilly sail away which provided a nice view of the new Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral.
Port Canaveral Exploration Tower

Our first dinner was in Royal Court, were we were reunited with Sergio from Montenegro, one of our favorite servers and an all around great guy!
Royal Court MenuStrategizing The Kids MenuAfter dinner, we took the obligatory first trip to the gift shops. We typically visit them every day and usually make a friend or two while we visit there. We were sad to see our previous friend, Rodridgo from Chile was not on this cruise. We did manage to make a purchase, as did Isabelle, who has been waiting to buy a mermaid swimsuit with cover up since last March and was delighted to finally  do so with her gift card.

Once we were done, we walked back to the stateroom. Daylight savings time kicks in tonight & we lose an hour tonight. Plus, dawn comes early on a boat, so it is time to go to bed.

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28 Replies to “Trip Log Day 1: Disney Fantasy – Port Canaveral Embarkation”

  1. Tamie

    Do you know if they are extending the Southwest Airline participation in the Onboard checkin process? The pilot was in February, but no word yet on March and we sail 3/15. Thanks!

  2. Wade hall

    We were sitting in Cabanas thinking “wow I would of hated to be stuck behind those draw bridges” lol. Hi Scott hope to see you and your family on the ship. We’re on a large family Veranda deck 5. 5048.

  3. Bill B.

    Do you mind explaining what the rebooking form is? I’ve never heard of it before and was just wondering. Thanks!

  4. Chad Shuherk

    Can you purchase the internet access before hand? Also, is the intro offer available for a certain time? We’re leaving on the Fantasy on the 29th. Have a great time!

  5. Tamie Hollar

    Scott – Could you please ask if the Fantasy is continuing the On Board Check In process with Southwest Airlines that was piloted in February. A bunch of us March travelers are wondering and DCL isn’t sharing updates via Customer Service yet and we haven’t heard reports from travelers that returned yesterday. We sail Saturday and would just LOVE this feature. Many Thanks

  6. Krissy Tran

    How do you request a favorite server? We’d love to be paired up with a particular server from our previous cruise on the Wonder. Have a great cruise, Scott!

  7. Walt S.

    Scott I enjoy your blog very much and read it every day. It is very informative. Thank you for letting us know that special request can made thru our travel agency. I usually does special request when early on board. As a Platinum I’ve always got my way, but now I know that I can do it early through my travel agency. Thanks again….. By the way please keep us inform of the late 2015 Disney Cruise Schedule for I am itching to reserve my week as soon as possible.

  8. stephanie

    Enjoy your cruise!! We were on the Fantasy last week (Western) and had an incredible time. Our first cruise sailing as Castaway Gold Members. We had beautiful weather! Some rain showers with wind moved in Thursday night and unfortunately we couldn’t dock at Castaway Cay on Friday (after a few attempts from Captain Marco). Felt bad for the folks who had never been there but the mood around the ship was still upbeat. Fantastic service as usual, our server Martin just out of this world!!! My son (11) was a bit disappointed in the Edge counselors (not enough males (think just 1)). Last year there were 3 or 4 great councelor guys in Edge. How has your weather been? We booked for next year’s spring break this time going to the Eastern side (we were last there in 2010). Nothing like booking a Disney Cruise to keep your spirits up during those long work days. We are headed to the Mediterranean this summer sailing on the Magic, first time to Europe for us!

  9. Stephanie

    One quick follow up. I read many posts pre-trip about the poor quality Castaway Club Bags. Boy oh boy am I on board with those folks! My bag broke going through security on the way home and it wasn’t overloaded.

  10. Vanessa

    Quick question on the internet rates. Is the Mobile Device considered iPads, tablets, etc., while the other is specifically phones?

  11. Karen Gumino

    Love your blog. We’re cruising this summer eastern and I can’t wait. Thanks for filling us in on the details of the WiFi and everything going on the Fantasy! Have a blessed cruise. The photos of your daughter are precious!


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