Castaway Cay Rentals & Port Adventure Price Increases & New Cabanas Expected Summer 2014

As the year winds down, it appears Disney Cruise Line last order of business for 2013 was to rollout a price increase to most of the Port Adventures and Rentals at Disney’s Castaway Cay that will be effective the first sailing for each ship in 2014. Disney Cruise Line confirmed that all guests who pre-booked these experiences online will be able to receive the previous rate, as was the case with the recent increase at Palo. The following is an excerpt from the email response I received from Disney Cruise Line regarding the pricing changes at Castaway Cay.

Effective Thursday, January 2, 2014 on the Disney Magic and Disney Dream and Saturday, January 4, 2014, on Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy, pricing for some of the experiences on Castaway Cay will increase. Guests who pre-booked these experiences online will be able to receive the previous rate.

Breaking down the new rates, it appears that the largest percentage increases were for the various rentals over at the Boat Beach.

Castaway Cay Price Changes Dec 2013 Boat Rentals
Castaway Cay Aqua Trike Disney Dream
Castaway Cay Price Changes Dec 2013 Rentals Port Adventures

The majority of Port Adventures saw very little change in price with exception of the Castaway Rays Sting Ray Adventure, the Getaway Package and the Bottom Fishing excursion which saw up to a $20 bump.

Castaway Cay Cabanas

Castaway Cay Price Changes Dec 2013 Cabanas

The cabanas on the family beach show a 10% bump to $549 for the full day rental, while the few adult-only cabanas remain unchanged at $399 when you go to reserve them in the online planning center. Disney Cruise Line confirmed to us that this is NOT a website error and the family cabanas are indeed set to increase. 

DCL Family Cabana Rental Price Increase

While on the subject of cabanas we asked DCL when we may see the cabanas currently under construction added to the online inventory. Rebecca Peddie, Manager Public Affairs at Disney Cruise Line was kind enough to confirm that the four additional cabanas being added due to the guest popularity are expected to be completed by the summer of 2014, and will be officially added to the online inventory when they are ready.

Castaway Family Cabana Construction Close Up December 2013
Castaway Family Cabana Construction December 2013

What is your take on the price increases for the various Port Adventures and rentals at Castaway Cay?

15 Replies to “Castaway Cay Rentals & Port Adventure Price Increases & New Cabanas Expected Summer 2014”

  1. Bill B.

    The price increase is to much. Nobody that I know or have read about has received a pay raise of this percentage. But as long as Disney can get away with it and us Disney fans keep paying it they will continue to gouge us. But I will say personally I am approaching a point where I will have to go elsewhere for our yearly vacation just because I can no longer afford these prices coupled with the ever increasing price of airfare.

    1. Amber

      Ditto, we joined DVC to save on vacations but it seems a Disney vacation is becoming less and less affordable. We have friends who went once on a shoe string and were hooked. However, since their vacation about 5 years ago they have yet to be able to find a good deal that they can afford and go back. Sad 🙁

  2. Ken Downey

    The increase does hurt but it is the first since I started cruising in 2008. If you divide the increase by five it is more in-line with wage increases. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This is a fantastic blog, thank you so much!

  3. CiCi

    I wish they give us some warnings because I saw the price increase before my eyes! I was so busy with work that I planned to wait for few days to do those excursions. This is way too expensive! If everything is close to the port then i don’t think we will join any of the excursions and just hang around the port or in the ship. if it was just a dollar or 2 then is fine. Some are more double in prices!

  4. Tammy

    I noticed the cabana increase on our upcoming reservation the day before I got this email. Wondering if there were any other changes to the Cabanas or the cost for additional people, I emailed the DCL Concierge team with my inquiry. Here is the interesting response….”As of right now, the price for Cabana rentals on Castaway Cay is $499. We have not been informed of any price increases and we are looking into why the website reflects otherwise. There have been no changes at this time to our Cabana Rentals.”

    1. Tracy

      I just checked again after seeing Scott’s update and was told still that the pricing is $499 and there is not going to be an increase at this time. Would like to see the higher ups get on the same page.

  5. Jenniffer

    As a usual cabana renter and parasailer, I have to agree with Ken. They have not raised prices and with the popularity, they will get it – they know the demand is there and as a business owner, it’s their right. As for parasailing’s increase, again, we’ve been sailing since 2002 and I don’t recall the last time we paid less than $79. It’s amazing they haven’t increased every year. The ones who really need to beware are those looking to do excursions this summer in AK. Those are already expensive in nature and being American ports, don’t be surprised if those increase.

  6. Collin

    Another reason to never do excursions or rentals on Castaway Cay. The place is great without any of that stuff, but obviously there’s enough demand to increase the prices. Us budget folks will just keep looking for FLR deals, and continue skipping excursions and the extras, and as a result cruise for a third of the price of most people while still fully enjoying it!

  7. Tired of the mouses antics

    Disney Cruise Line IS NOT honoring the prices for reservations made prior to the price increase. Your information is not accurate. Disney’s response is that the services are provided by vendors so Disney has no control over prices.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Shannon, I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue. Here is a copy of the email I received from DCL on December 26th with regard to this issue.

      Effective Thursday, January 2, 2014 on the Disney Magic and Disney Dream and Saturday, January 4, 2014, on Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy, pricing for some of the experiences on Castaway Cay will increase. Guests who pre-booked these experiences online will be able to receive the previous rate.

  8. Shannon

    Scott, can you provide a copy of the email you received to me? We have 20+ in our family who pre booked excursions and I was told twice by guest services that they would not honor the price we booked at. Very Frustrating……

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Shannon, I updated the article with the excerpt from the email I received. Please keep in mind that this information was sent to me on December 26th and with most things is subject to change at any time. I have heard from passengers sailing this year that had prior Port Adventures booked the previous pricing was honored automatically.

  9. Lynn


    There is plenty to do on castaway cay without additional cost. The beach chairs and hammocks are free as is the beach. You can use the walking trail and tram to go to serenity beach. The last time we rented bikes for an hour and just enjoyed the beach. The ship is right there so you can take advantage of no crowds on the pool deck and aqua duck.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Very true Lynn. The bikes are a very nice and affordable option at Castaway Cay. If you bring your own snorkeling gear you can get the required snorkeling vest for free.

  10. Uncle Miles

    Listen all, I’ve been on a lot of Cruises on many different Cruise Lines, and can say you get what you pay for. Disney Cabins are much largers, dinning is better and Castaway is the bomb. I can not think of a better port offered on any other Cruise Line. If you don’t want all that, yes there are less expensive cruise lines, however let me say again “You Get What You Pay For” Spend the extra money and your family will really enjoy the trip on Disney Cruises. Plus the Cabanas are worth the money!


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