Disney Cruise Line to Increase the Price of Palo Dinner & Brunch

Soon you will be paying slightly more to dine at Palo, Disney Cruise Line’s adults only restaurant. The price for brunch and dinner at Palo will increase from $20 to $25 per person with the roll out beginning tomorrow on the Disney Dream. The Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy will see the  increase starting on Saturday October 5th. The the modest $5 increase Disney Magic will go into effect when she returns to service on October 20th. If you have already booked Palo brunch or dinner for your next cruise, the $20 price will be honored. Any future bookings will be charged at the new price of $25 per person.

Palo Booths

Pending any further announcements, Platinum Castaway Club members will still receive a complimentary dinner despite the price increase.

I could never believe brunch and dinner at Palo were only $20, at $25 it is still a great deal especially when you consider how much it would cost for a comparable dinner on land.  What do you think about the price increase for Palo brunch and dinner?

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  1. Lynda

    I agree 100% with your final comment and have expressed that to others who question weather to spend the extra money. Always enjoy both brunch and dinner at Palo. Have you confirmed with Disney that brunch remains $20? Information I am seeing says Brunch/Dinner $25. May call in shortly.

  2. Katie

    We are booked for our upcoming cruise so I’m glad they are honoring the lower price, but don’t think a $5 increase is anything to fret about. I’m very excited to eat at Palo because we skipped it on our last cruise.

  3. travelonadream

    I have received confirmation that the brunch is going up to $25 as well. I think that it’s worth more than some other lines’ specialty restaurants that charge a similar or higher amount.

  4. Heath

    I agree that $20 or even $25 sounds like a good deal on the surface, but you have to remember that all food is already built into the price of the cruise fare. Is the meal at Palo that much better or made with significantly higher quality ingredients? Probably not. I don’t think the ship to land price comparison works in this scenario.

    I suspect that Disney keeps that price relatively low with the hope that they’ll make money on alcohol sales, which adults are more likely to buy on a “fancy night out” than at a standard meal in the MDR. My guess is that’s where the real money at Palo gets made.

  5. Lisa

    Palo is worth every cent! Best meal I’ve ever had on board any of the Disney ships!! Going on the Magic in February and hoping to book brunch and dinner!! Yay!!

  6. waltsfriend

    I like Palo and the food is nice but the true draw is that it is an adult only dinner. If they served the same food at Cabanas with families you wouldn’t find people paying $5.00 for it. The original idea behind a charge at all was to help offset the tipping because the Palo wait staff was making less than your nightly wait staff. Unfortunately what started out as a way to compensate experienced help has turned into a money maker with Palo at $25 and Remy at $75 only a small portion of that makes it to the staff. As for it costing more at home for that kind of meal I agree but then at home all food cost, on ship it is free. If it was about the price of the food then why is my 3 egg omelet at brunch the same price as my Rack of lamb for dinner?

  7. Mark Bell

    You could charge me $50 per person and my wife and I would still go to Palo’s every time we had the chance. We actually try to dine there every night when we go on an adult only cruise we love it so much. I’m sure we are in the minority but in our opinion, the staff in Palo’s is a big step up from the rotational restaurant wait staff and the food quality is out of this world. The brunch is one of our favorite meals of all time and shouldn’t be missed – EVER! The extra $10 for a meal is a non-event for us, we waste that much when we decide to but a new Disney pin for a new port. Can’t wait to try the new Palo’s on the new Magic next month when we said out of Miami to Key West and Castaway Cay!!!

  8. Kris

    When we spoke with DCL today, they told us that ANY ship departing from today onward would be charging the new price for Palo. We specifically asked about previous reservations, as we have brunch reservations for the 2 night Magic cruise in October and the 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Fantasy at the end of November. Our Palo reservations have been in place since August. DCL said that even though we’d made our arrangements in August, we’d be charged the new, higher price for our meals. 🙁

    1. Tracy

      I just called again and was read the wording in their system about how to answer guest questions. The question was what about existing reservations for Palo? The answer was “Guests who have prebooked online will be allowed to dine at the previous rate.” I think the agent you spoke to must have misinterpreted the rule.

      1. Kris

        Thanks Tracy! I wouldn’t be giving up my current reservations for anything- but I wanted to be prepared for the fact that we’d be paying more when we cruise in October and November. Keep your fingers crossed!!

  9. Les Puigs

    We will be cruising on the Fantasy in January 14 and I believe that $75 is quite a bit more to pay in exchange for the already included food. I think that $25 is reasonable. I am just wondering if the jump from $25 at Palo to $75 at Remy will be worth it? It needs to be noticeable. We will keep our reservation and will happily write back as to whether the $75 at Remy is worth it or not.


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