Disney Magic Unexpectedly Returns to Miami

The reimagined Disney Magic returned to PortMiami this afternoon in the midst of a 4-night Bahamian cruise. The itinerary had the Disney Magic enjoying a magical day at sea today sailing between Castaway Cay and Key West. According to first hand reports on the Disboards and in an email I received from a passenger on board, Captain Robert announced they would briefly return to Miami for “critical technical supplies.” The Captain went on assuring passengers that they will still make it to Key West on schedule.

Magic Diversion Nov 8 2013 AIS U Turn

Based on the AIS tracking history, the Disney Magic made a u-turn indicating this was not a pre-planned diversion.

Magic Diversion Nov 8 2013 Arrival

Passengers are also referencing issues with the plumbing and the flushing of toilets.

We reached out to Disney Cruise Line who confirmed that the Disney Magic returned to Miami to pick up supplies. However, no addition details were provided as to the reason for the supply run.

After approximately 90 minutes the Disney Magic departed PortMiami with the essential supplies.

Magic Diversion Nov 8 2013 Departure

If you are on the ship or have any information please share in the comments.

15 Replies to “Disney Magic Unexpectedly Returns to Miami”

  1. michele

    Looks like they put orange canisters on board we r across from stations on 8 th floor where crew has been in and out and has stunk in hall the whole trip don’t know if it has anything to do with it ?? But we r off again!

  2. michele

    No party! 8055 no smell in room jusg a funny odor in halls don t know if it is always there I’m new to cruising but doesn’t smell anywhere else. In key west now so all good!

  3. Tony

    I was cruising on this ship. On Wednesday the toilets went out on the 6th deck. This went on for three days until the ship returned to Miami Friday to pick up spare parts. Need I say it was a awful experience going deck to deck to find public toilet. Nut much fun especially when you need to go in the middle of the night.

  4. DJRA

    Hi Guys,
    I was on this cruise too. I saw leaking through the ceilings in several places. It was a BUMMER going back to Miami when we were supposed to be at sea. We were on deck 8, and our stateroom was in good order. Just another note… Dreams had some technical issues. They had to stop during the show and restart. Anne Marie also did not fly, and the whole stage was dark when her and Peter were supposed to be flying. Emily gave an excellent review on the Disboards. She was on point with everything.

    We were also on the second to the last Alaska cruise when one engine was smoking and went down. I was having deja vu! Hopefully our next cruise will be better.

  5. Sarah

    Okay need advice….Dream or Magic 4 night Bahamian with a 6 and 8 year old. First timers to cruising and wanted very best.

    1. Emily


      I’m Emily, Scott’s wife.

      A few things to consider.

      1) Are they both the same itineraries? If yes, then we are more apt to chose the Magic. Amazing crew (not that the Dream crew isn’t amazing, but the Magic crew has lots of veteran CMs), smaller ship (less people) & less people at Castaway Cay.

      2) Ages of your kids. Our 6 1/2 year old has been on 10 cruises and on every ship. She puts the Magic #1 for kids clubs and pool deck. She puts the Fantasy #2. The AquaLab area is amazing on the Magic.

      So, when would I chose the Dream? Well, if they were about the same price, and the Dream was sailing out of PC, and the Magic was sailing out of Miami, PC is closer and I’d chose the Dream. The Dream does offer Remy and 2 cool stateroom categories (8A & 5E).

      We almost always chose smaller, classic ship.

      Hope this helps!


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