Disney Magic Dry Dock Update: The Transformation Continues into Week 4

The transformation of the Disney Magic at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain, continues into her forth week. In last week’s update, we saw a ship stripped down to bare steel along with some teasers from Disney Cruise Line. In this week’s update, we see the paint going back on the hull, starting with some primer on the stern.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Matt Paint Primer Stern
Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Matt Paint Primer Stern

Look close at the picture below an you can see the starboard stabilizer extended.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Matt Paint Primer Port

The Disney Magic’s classic dark hull is returning with a fresh coat of paint on her starboard side.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Matt Paint Primer Port Alt

A look at the Disney Magic’s bow shows a stark contrast to last week when she was bare steel.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Paint Bow

Some fresh paint and the classic Mickey Mouse inspired yellow stripe!

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Fresh Paint Stern
Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz Fresh Paint Stern Ducktail

Disney Cruise Line has been teasing us again this week with some guess where shots from inside the Disney Magic.  First, we have our first look at the new chandelier that will be one of the focal points in the reimagined atrium lobby.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz DCL Atrium Chandelier
Disney Magic Refurb Atrium

Another shot was of the black and white sketch drawings adorning the walls in Animator’s Palate.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz DCL Animators Palate Wall
Disney Magic Refurb Animators Palate

And now, a vibrant view of Animator’s Palate.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz DCL Whimsical Panels

Another look inside Andy’s Room, this time it is the stairs.  I am seeing a common theme… Stairs.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz DCL Andy's Room Stairs
Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz DCL O'Gills

The conversion of Diversions’ bar to O’Gills Pub bar.

A quick peak inside D-Lounge, formerly Studio Sea with Mickey’s on the wall.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz D Lounge
Disney Magic Refurb D-Lounge

Saving the best photo for last… As you may recall in last week’s update, a platform was in the process of being lifted onto the upper deck of the Disney Magic.  The platform was part of the new AquaLab pool replacing the Mickey Pool. In this photo, you can see the platform in place and the overall progress on the AquaLab and the Twist ‘N Spout slide. My wife and daughter both screamed when they saw this photo, as it shows progress!!!

Disney Magic Dry Dock Cadiz AquaLab Twist N' Spout

Additionally, you can see some of the work being done to convert Pluto’s Dog House into Pete’s Boiler Bites.

Disney Magic Refurb AquaLab Twist N' Spout

One Last Thing… Re-Imagined Disney Magic Deck Plan

In true Steve Jobs form there is one last thing… The revised deck plan for the re-imagined Disney Magic.  Honestly, it is not a customized deck plan specific to the Disney Magic, it remains a shared deck plan for both classic ships.  Specifically, of note, this new deck plan does show two new handicap accessible staterooms:  8094 (Cat 4E) and 7509 (Cat 10A.), and the additional proposed connecting staterooms being added during the transformation of the Disney Magic.  I say proposed, because that is how it is labeled by Disney Cruise Line on the deck plan below.

Disney Cruise Line's Re-Imagined Disney Magic & Disney Wonder Deck Plans - September 2013

Proposed Connecting Staterooms on the Disney Magic

Stateroom Categories
8048/8050 7072/70747618/76166096/6098
8548/8550 7564/75667614/76126584/6586
  7568/7570 6592/6594
  7572/7574 6596/6598

Again, I would like to thank Matt Reid for providing some of these photos, Lynda for the deck plan, and Tracy for compiling the list of proposed connecting staterooms. If you live in the area and have any photos or videos you would like to share you can email, or tweet @ TheDCLBlog along with how you would like to be attributed.

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14 Replies to “Disney Magic Dry Dock Update: The Transformation Continues into Week 4”

  1. Lynda

    Glad to contribute. Appreciate your work on all things DCL. The stairs looks like they have almost as many twist as the slide itself.

  2. FellowCollector

    Yeah! Our bookings are not potentially connecting! I’m now more excited to see the Reimagination! Thanks for sharing this information; it put some anxiety to rest!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      John & Spencer, DCL confirmed it was Animator’s Palate. I did not even consider it to be an option as I did not expect them to share 2 pics from the same venue on the same day. I updated the post to reflect the correction, and eliminate my terrible guess that it was Fathoms.

  3. DJRA

    I am so excited for our Nov. 6th sailing. I am so disappointed that the Twist and Spout is no longer a family slide, and just for 12 and under… argh! I’m a kid at heart too!! I want to go on the slide!!! Oh well, I guess I will have to settle with watching my children enjoy it!


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