Carioca’s Dinner Menu From the Reimagined Disney Magic

Carioca’s on the reimagined Disney Magic has a flavorful new menu which you will find below.

The cover of the menu is orange with a twist on the Portuguese Pavement.

Carioca's Menu
Carioca's Menu Starters

Specialty Drinks – Appetizers & Soups
Main Courses

Carioca's Main Course

Carioca’s Dessert Menu

Carioca's Dessert Menu

We will be posting a full dinner review soon after we experience the menu again this week.

9 Replies to “Carioca’s Dinner Menu From the Reimagined Disney Magic”

  1. Jennifer

    That sounds DELISH! The only problem is that I would want to try it ALL! Thank you so much for posting — I think this might be my favorite menu when we go in a few weeks!

  2. Heath

    Thanks for posting! What a great menu! Usually there’s one or two standout items- I want to order just about everything on here. Looking forward to your full review.

  3. waltsfriend

    I like the change but I have to say that it looks pretty week overall. The restaurant looks like a mild makeover not a major change. From what I see they painted the green pillars white changed the carpet and hung some paper lamps. All very nice but not much of a change, as for the menu it looks nice but they do menu changes in all the restaurants every 3-5 years. I personally thought it was more of a change when they did away with the character singing and dancing “The Hand Jive” and went to just character photos.

  4. Vic

    Thanks for being honest in your review. I have to say that I am disappointed. We did not have a stellar cruise the last time we sailed on the Dream. I contributed it to the ship being large and full. Hoping Disney has not lost site of the details that make them special

  5. R. S.

    I’m having appetizers and desserts only! Bring me a dozen empanadas – who eats just one??? I’ll bring a good bottle of Merlot. And finish it off with either the Flan, the Tres Leches or the Dulce de Leche Sundae! Or all of them!


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