A Closer Look at Carioca’s Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line released a new video today featuring executive chef Stephen Walker, offering a sneak peek at the all new Brazilian themed main dining restaurant Carioca’s debuting next month aboard the reimagined Disney Magic.  Carioca’s has been designed to provide guests with a dynamic dining experience inspired by South American fresh markets. During the day, Carioca’s will have a festive atmosphere.  Then for main dining, the lights will lower with city-side windows softly illuminated and lanterns flickering overhead. Similar to Enchanted Garden on the Dream class ships, a scenery scrim will be used to conceal the buffet during main dining to provide a more elegant dining atmosphere.

Today’s sneak peek video provides us with the best Carioca’s logo to date.  I love how the design, specifically the C, incorporates elements reminiscent of the scroll work found on the bow.

Disney Magic Carioca's Logo

Carioca’s Menu Teaser II

The fresh market concept lends directly to the menu which will feature dishes made with fresh ingredients! Disney teased a few of the new menu in the spring with recipes and photos featured in the Castaway Club eCompass newsletter. Now today, we have a few more dishes that will be featured on the Carioca’s dinner menu.

  • Havana Style Black Bean Soup with Fresh Cilantro
Disney Magic Carioca's Havana Black Bean Soup
  • Argentinean Beef Empanadas with Red Chimichurri
    Sautéed ground beef with cumin, cilantro, and other fresh spices
Disney Magic Carioca's Argentinean Beef Empanadas
  • Peruvian Causa
    Three layers of Potatoes: Yukon Gold Potato, Purple Potato, and Saffron Mashed Potato all layered between a Manzanilla Olive and Tomato Salsa served with a Huancaina Sauce.
Disney Magic Carioca's Peruvian Causa
  • Shrimp Kabob with Quinoa
Disney Magic Carioca's Shrimp
  • Grilled Pork
    Served on a bed of Black Beans and a Roasted Corn Salsa and topped with Roasted Carrots
Disney Magic Carioca's Pork

Reimagineering the Disney Magic: Carioca’s

What’s your first impression of the new menu items at Carioca’s?

10 Replies to “A Closer Look at Carioca’s Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic”

  1. Andreia

    Everything looks very nice! But if the place has a name of a truly Brasilian character why not also serve something that is from Brasil? As a Brasilian born person it’s really sad to see when people use a Brasilian theme/landmark with Spanish stuff all around it. What many don’t know is that Brasil is the only country in South America that speak Portuguese. With that said what about something tasty from Brasil for all to enjoy?

    1. Julian

      Andreia, I am also a brazilian…will be cruising on the Disney Magic next Nov 2013 (can wait for that !!), but I heard the will have Caipirinha’s drink and some others surprises. Anyway the restaurant does have a brazilian name, but is a dedication to Latin America in general, base on the Three Caballeros movie, which Walt Disney sent his staff in the late 40’s around South America….Chile, Argentina, Brazil…..than Jose Carioca, or as we call in Brazil only ” Ze Carioca” was created and born.

      The black beans soup has an easier name Havana, but as brazilians we know tha is ” Feijoada” the most popular food in Brazil, but the name is complicated…, so they go the easy way and name Havana.

  2. jackie

    Will be on Disney Magic in November! I was born in Puerto Rico and have tried many spanish dishes from a lot of countries! I am really excited to see this restaurant and will be ordering everything on the menu!

  3. JJ

    It look very exciting and new. I will say that the decor look a bit bland considering all the tremendous details in the other dining venues. Still glad to see a replacement for Parrot Cay.


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