Enchanted Garden Dinner Review

Enchanted Garden is one of three rotational main dining restaurants on both the [Disney_Dream] and the [Disney_Fantasy].  The restaurant is located Midship on Deck 2 just below Royal Court/Palace. The inviting theme is inspired by the picturesque lush, green gardens of Versailles complete with a cascading fountain adorned with a Mickey Mouse cherub.  During the 4-course dinner, the custom glass flower light fixtures bloom with color while the ceiling transitions from daytime into a gorgeous sunset on the way to a constellation and star-filled night sky.

Enchanted Garden - Custom-glass Flower Light Fixtures
Enchanted Garden - Mickey Mouse Cherub

The Menu

Menus for additional restaurants can be found here.

Upon arrival, we were shown to our table and welcomed by our serving team. Our server, Daniel from Hungary, and his assistant, Sutheepong from Taiwan arrived with the bread service. This evening, the breads included Multi-grain & Country Currant rolls with Chickpea-Garlic Puree.  The puree was very good and reminded me of roasted garlic hummus.

We hardly ever order all 4 courses, and this evening was no different. We passed on the appetizers, but the North Atlantic Lobster Ravioli with Roasted Garlic and Sweet Basil scented Tomato Juice sounded delicious.

For the Soup & Salad course, I choose the Heirloom Tomato Soup with Sour Cream, Croutons, and Basil.  I’m a sucker for tomato soup, and it always tastes better with croutons!

My wife ordered the Spinach and Raspberry Salad (not pictured). My daughter ordered the Romaine Wedge fresh crisp Romaine topped with a creamy Romano Dressing and homemade spiced Croutons.

Moving on to the main course, my wife chose the Caramelized Sea Scallops served with Roasted Asparagus, and Pearl Pasta topped with Caramelized Leeks sitting on a pool of Veal Jus Reduction.  This is one of my wife’s favorite entrees at any of the main dining locations across the fleet. The flavors meld together perfectly and the scallops are cooked to perfection. This one is truly a succulent dish if you like scallops.

I selected the Roasted Pork Tenderloin seasoned with Smoked Salt served and served on top of  two Citrus flavored Polenta Cakes.  The plate was garnished with a selection of Oven Roasted Carrots, Parsnips and caramelized Granny Smith Apples.  The granny smith apples combined well with the pork for a unique sweet and savory bite. 

My daughter loves seafood, and would normally order the scallops, but this evening she choose the Marjoram Scented Organic Chicken.  This entree is half of a chicken served with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Sautéed Baby Spinach.  The sweet potatoes sort of remind me of french toast sticks with a slightly crispy outside and a doughy middle.  My daughter liked the chicken which was flavorful, and juicy, but although at home she usually eats roasted sweet potatoes weekly, these were not her cup of tea.  She ended up eating  some of my wife’s scallops, and said, “I wish I had ordered those instead.”

Bonus Pre-Dessert

Upon finishing dinner we were treated with a pre-dessert offering of Chocolate Fudge & Mango Turkish Delights.  Only on a cruise would you get dessert before your dessert!

Enchanted Garden - Chocolate Fudge & Mango Turkish Delights

We were served Chocolate Truffles for our pre-dessert on the [Disney_Dream], and if given a choice I would pick the truffles, but my wife would choose the Turkish delights.

The Dessert Menu

Enchanted Garden Dessert Menu Dream

For my actual dessert, I selected the Steamed Lemon Buttermilk Pudding with Citrus Reduction.  I had this on the Dream and it was an automatic pick. This dish is amazing. It has a fabulous flavor.

My wife choose the Esterhazy Cake which is Almond Meringue soaked in Maraschino Liqueur and layered Pastry Cream. I was just “ok.” She regretted not ordering the Steamed Lemon Buttermilk Pudding after tasting mine.

I was already shocked that my daughter picked chicken over scallops, but she also passed on the much anticipated Mickey Bar in favor of… wait for it.… ice cream.

Overall, it was a good dinner. The venue is pretty, the food is delicious, and our only complaint was the temperature of the dining room – freezing! Being from Florida, we have a low temperature tolerance and dress accordingly.

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  1. Mildred

    Just returned from my 7 day western cruise on the Disney Fantasy and the experience was Magical. We went to celebrate my daughter’s 15 birthday (Quinceanero) and she had a blast. Our group was of 7 persons and we enjoy each and every minute of our vacations.

    1. Mildred

      Dinner in Enchanted Garden was superior in all possible way! Meats, appetizers, dessert, drinks, and the service unforgettable!


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