A Closer Look at Marvel’s Avengers Academy Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line released a new video this morning with new details on Marvel’s Avengers Academy which will be added to the Disney Magic during her overhaul this fall.  Marvel’s Avengers Academy will be an all new muli-day experience built into the Oceaneer Club that will give young guests a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Avengers.

Magic Refurb Avengers Academy Entrance

According to Imagineer, Danny Handke, Marvel’s Avengers Academy will be themed like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.  This all high tech space will be the training area of the next generation of recruits for the duration of the cruise.

Disney Magic Refurb - Marvel's Avengers Academy

As part of the immersive experience, kids will have the opportunity to participate in some amazing activities that will identify their unique super hero skills inspired by their favorite Marvel movies.  Additionally, there will be a tie in to Disney XD’s new show Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.

Magic Refurb Avengers Academy Disney XD Assemble TV

We learned on Monday, that Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s suit will be included in the Avengers Academy, but today we found out that Thor’s hammer mjölnir will also be on display accompanied by great special effects to help inspire the young recruits.

Magic Refurb Avengers Academy Equipment

The Oceaneer Club youth councelors will lead the kids into a truly immersive experience surrounded by some amazing technology with an incredible payoff… An appearance by Marvel’s Captain America.  Check out this article on StitchKingdom.com which has additional photos and video of the Captain America Meet and Greet from the Disney 23 Expo.

Marvel D23 Captain America Iron Man Meet and Greet

At the end of the muli-day Avengers Academy experience every kid will have a chance to show off their super hero powers with Captain America.

I really cannot wait for the open house on embarkation day to see this area for myself. When the re-imagined Disney Magic returns to service on October 20, 2013 it will be the first in the fleet to have 5 captains; The Captain, Captain Mickey, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook and now Captain America!  Do you think your little one will enjoy this new experience?

8 Replies to “A Closer Look at Marvel’s Avengers Academy Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic”

  1. M

    This is a terrible idea. I don’t know what kind of focus groups Disney used, but they need to re-assess. The kids in the Oceaneer Club can’t even SEE these movies – they’re all rated PG-13. And for good reason. Also – not everyone can be a hero – every BOY can be a hero, right, Disney? There aren’t any Avenger female heroes besides the Black Widow and I don’t think she’s exactly a role model for our 3-10 year old girls, is she? Let’s look at the 5 captains listed – not one female captain. Disney – you can do better. I understand that you are a massive marketing machine, but this is ridiculous. This may be considered a “fix” to the complaint from parents of boys who feel overwhelmed by the princess culture, but there isn’t a need to go overboard with PG-13 war heroes in our 3-10 year olds’ kids club. Disney Fail.

  2. Rob

    This is amazing! My kids are now demanding we do a cruise on this ship. In particular my 5 year old daughter who loves watching the Avengers cartoons and reading the comic books even more than my son. Great job Disney in recognizing that different kids want different experiences and it doesn’t need to be all princesses and tiaras, sometimes it can be about dreaming about having the ability to fly or climb walls! We especially love that they are adding in a character appearance. With Universal Studios having the rights for parks its great that Disney is getting around that by using the cruise lines as an opportunity to take full advantage of one of . . . actually based on recent movie ticket results it not “one of” . . it is “the” most valuable Disney franchise. If the haters need to be placated they can always add Captain Marvel (a female member of the Avengers) but they can do that after adding a prince experience to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and all the other princess themed events. Bravo Disney!

  3. Kerri

    I am not sure what kind of children ‘M’ has but my 5 year old loves the Avengers and has never seen one of the movies. But she loves all the animated series, especially The next Avengers. The fact that there are no female leads is not Disney’s fault. If you have issue with that email the person who created it.My daughter is a tomboy who does not like the princess experience, and because of the marvel experience, we will be booking a cruise on the Magic in 2014.

  4. Lisa

    I have to say both my children will be extatic about this. They both love the Avengers and watch all films that they can. I have a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. This is definitely a good idea for the ship and will go down a blast. My little girl has no worries about being Captain America or Ironman and she has no concept that this is for boys only, and with still enjoying being a princess at times too. I don’t think one trip will be enough. My only fear of going on the ship in 2014 is that I won’t be able to get my children out of the Oceaneers Club. I can’t wait go with them and see the joy this trip will bring for all. Well done Disney!!!

  5. Mary

    If they themed out a whole ship like the Helicarrier, the six-year-old girl downstairs (who HAS seen Avengers, Winter Soldier, Agents of SHIELD etc and is very clear about the deaths in the films/show are just pretend), would be knocking us out of the way to get aboard, and we are both screeching Marvel fans. M needs to actually talk to some five year olds.


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