A Closer Look at Animator’s Palate Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic

Earlier today, Disney Cruise Line shared a new video, hosted by Imagineer Bob Zalk, showcasing the changes coming to Animator’s Palate aboard the reimagined Disney Magic.  Overall, the unique design of Animator’s Palate will remain unchanged.  Think of it as refurbishment as the venue will be updated with new walls featuring addition Disney characters, all new HD video screens, and sound system.  This technical update allow for an all new Drawn to Magic experience where the black and white walls or blank canvas explodes into full color during the course of the dinner (a refresh of the show we all have come to enjoy).

Disney Magic Refurb Animators Palate

Additionally, Animator’s Palate will emerge from dry dock with the Animation Magic dinner show, which has been an exclusive on the Disney Fantasy.  When guests arrive for dinner the night of the Animation Magic show they will be provided with a placemat to draw your own character which will be transformed into an animated character by the end of your dinner.

I am not going to lie, I am really excited about Cariaoca’s, but this refurbishment may be the real gem arriving on the reimagined Disney Magic.  I have always enjoyed the design of Animator’s on the classic ships more than the animator’s studio feel on the Dream and Fantasy.  Additionally, the Animation Magic show is really a cool and a personal favorite.  As a parent, it is even better when you experience your child’s reaction when they see their drawing come to life for the first time.

7 Replies to “A Closer Look at Animator’s Palate Arriving This Fall to the Reimagined Disney Magic”

  1. Lisa

    Any news about the Wonder getting some new bells and whistles. Booked to go on the Wonder in December 2014. I hope I am not disappointed!

  2. michelle

    I am curious as well about the Wonder. We just sailed the Magic right before it gets refurbed and to be honest, it kind of needed it. We are booked for Alaska on the Wonder for July 14 and were hoping we didn’t run into the same situation. It is a shame to pay top dollar and not get the new “bells and whistles” as Lisa commented 🙂

  3. AlexBortone

    While the Disney Magic and Wonder are getting up there in age, I do not agree with Disney’s need to uniform the themes of the fleet. I have been cruising with Disney since 1998, and while I do agree refurbishments were needed to the Magic, there was no need to overhaul some of the themes that made the ship a classic. For example, Beet Street has been a part of the Magic since day 1. I think an update was needed, but not a complete overhaul. Also, DCL will be uniforming the Wonder’s and Magic’s sports bars to “O’ Gills” from the Fantasy. Again, I understand the need for changes and the need to stay competitive, but if Route 66 on the Wonder looks anything like “After Hours” on the Magic, I will continue to cruise on the Fantasy. Update NOT Overhaul!!!!


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