Summer 2013 Mickey Monitor Highlights the Reimagined Disney Magic with a Monsters University Twist

On a quarterly basis, Walt Disney World sends out a newsletter, called the Mickey Monitor, to most Passholders.  The Mickey Monitor typically provides a sneak peek at what will be happening in the parks in the upcoming months.  Last week, the Summer 2013 Mickey Monitor arrived in our mailbox, and to my suprise it was not like any previous issue.  The Summer Mickey Monitor has been creatively themed into  a Top Secret file from Monsters University.

Mickey Monitor Summer 2013 Monsters University Cover

The story behind the Summer 2013 Mickey Monitor, which just happens to coincide with Disney’s Monstrous Summer campaign, is that the Mickey Monitor was inadvertently transported to Monstropolous.  After a thorough detoxification by the CDA the “precious document” has been made available to the students of Monsters University to analyze and learn what really makes humans scream.

Sometimes the Mickey Monitor extends outside the parks, and in this issue Disney Cruise Line is featured. A Scare Report from Terri and Terry Perry points the AquaDunk as single source of screams capable enough to power the entire ship.  If that were only the case, just think how much cheaper a Disney Cruise would be if there was no fuel bill to pay.

Mickey Monitor Summer 2013 Monsters University Disney Magic Scare Report Notes

The remainder of the two page layout is the actual Mickey Monitor highlighting the exciting new features coming this fall to the Disney Magic.

Mickey Monitor Summer 2013 Monsters University Disney Magic Scare Report

Overall, I thought the Monsters University themed Mickey Monitor was a clever way to promote this summer’s release of the movie and all the events at Walt Disney World.  Unfortunately, with the recent renovation of the Disney Parks website to include My Disney Experience, the pdf version is no longer available online.  So unless that changes you will just have to settle for this scanned version. Who knows, Walt Disney World could take a cue from Disney Cruise Line’s new eCompass newsletter which launched last month and create an interactive Mickey Monitor ensuring all Passholders have the ability to read each issue.

UPDATE: Disney has updated the Passholder Benefit page with the pdf.

What did you think of the Monsters University overlay to the Summer 2013  Mickey Monitor?

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