Disney Fantasy Reverses Course Back to Port Canaveral for Medical Emergency

The [Disney_Fantasy] reversed course back toward Port Canaveral Saturday evening approximately an hour into her 7-Night Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Disney Fantasy Returning to Port Canaveral

Around 8 PM the Fantasy arrived at the port.

Disney Fantasy Return on Port Canaveral Webcam April 6 2013
Disney Fantasy Pulled into Terminal at Port Canaveral Webcam April 6 2013

Early reports on Twitter, and a comment from a passenger onboard indicated a medical emergency, the second on the Fantasy this week.

According to the Brevard county Sheriff & Fire Rescue scanner a 77-year old male was treated for chest pain and transported to the hospital along with a 6 yr old with a diabetic crisis.

Around 9:45 PM the Fantasy set sail for the second time today.

Disney Fantasy Pulling Away from Cruise Terminal Port Canaveral Webcam April 6 2013 9:48 PM
Disney Fantasy Leaving Port Canaveral Webcam April 6 2013 9:50 PM

7 Replies to “Disney Fantasy Reverses Course Back to Port Canaveral for Medical Emergency”

  1. Bill B.

    I just checked the Port Canaveral Webcam and noticed this. I am very interested in finding out what’s going on.

  2. S dennis

    Yes me too. I’m on the ship. They said ‘medical emergency ‘ but we do not believe that since we had a boat escorting us.

  3. MIke J.

    Responding to the medical evacuation on April 6th. I was the father to the 6 year old that had been removed and transported to the hospital. During the sail away party my daughter started to experience thirst, heat flashes, and constant urination. We believed it to be the change in weather from Chicago, but the symptoms became more persistent right after the party. We decided to visit the medical team, where we then discovered her glucose to be 628. No previous condition, this was all discovered on the boat and was told from the medical team that my daughter was Type I diabetic.

    To say the least, our vacation turned from enjoy to nightmare, as the rest of our week was spent in hospitals. Please make note that the crew and cast members on board the Fantasy really did rise to the occasion. They did everything to service our family in a time of crisis, and we did appreciate the way they handled the situation. They really did make an unbelievable effort and we could not thank them enough in their efforts and response.


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