Beautifully Disney Cosmetic Line Heading to Sea

Disney recently unveiled Beautifully Disney, a new cosmetic line exclusive to the Disney Parks.  The Beautifully Disney cosmetic and beauty products have been created for guests who are drawn to gorgeous, wearable, high quality colors, and love to experiment with the latest products, pigments and trends. It has been developed for guests that are inspired by the timeless beauty of our Disney characters, and the diverse stories they represent.

The first collection, Wickedly Beautiful has already been released in the parks.   Wickedly Beautiful  pits good versus evil with modern interpretations of Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Ursula, and Maleficent. The Wickedly Beautiful collection’s villain- and princess-inspired nail polish, lip gloss and eye shadow allow guests to show their true character as a romantic princess or villainous vixen with exceptional quality cosmetics.

Wickedly Beautiful - Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful with Beautifully Disney

According  to a  representative from Disney Cruise line, the Beautifully Disney cosmetic products will be available on the Dream and Fantasy March 14th and Magic and Wonder March 23rd.  It is not clear at this time if they will be available in the onboard spas, shops, or a combination of both, but as luck would have it we are sailing on the Fantasy this week so I hope to have more information to share late next week.

UPDATE: The  product line was not available in the gift shops on the Disney Fantasy on March 14th, or 15th.  My wife asked in Senses Spa and they had no clue.

UPDATE #2: I received clarification today and the line will launch on the Dream & Fantasy at the end of March.

UPDATE #3: A select portion of the Beautifully Disney product line can be ordered from

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