Put the Service to the Test with the Guest Comment Card

On the last night of every Disney Cruise, you will find a questionnaire in your stateroom. The trifold questionnaire is Disney’s equivalent to a guest comment card. This is your chance to provide honest feedback that will be reviewed by the time the ship heads out on her next cruise.

Here is an example questionnaire used on the [Disney_Fantasy]. Note: I blurred out some bar codes and removed the stateroom codes in the section reserved for cruise line use. The pages were also recorded in the following images to resemble the typical reading order of a tri-fold brochure.

Guest Comment Card - Fantasy Side 1

Guest Comment Card - Fantasy Side 2

More or less, the questionnaire will be similar across the fleet, with the changes mostly coming in the form of the venue or show specific questions. As you can see, the questionnaire is essentially a bubble sheet (similar to the popular Scantron sheets used in schools) that will be optically scanned with the results likely tabulated into standard reports and distributed to the department heads.

However, in my opinion, there is a glaring omission on this form. The lack of extra space to write about a specific event or overall experience whether good, bad, ugly, or the whatever else is on your mind. In all fairness, there are two spots each 3 1/4″ x 1/2″ to write about a problem and any crew member who made your cruise experience especially magical.

Guest Comment Card - Fantasy Free Text Space

This is not an adequate amount of space to describe a real issue or to provide praise to a hard working crew member who helped make your cruise extra magical. You could use the back of the form to write in more detail, but it is unlined and filled with a partial compass star background image. This space is approximately the size of a standard post-it note. Depending on how small you can legibly write this may be more than enough space.

On the last evening of the cruise after our bags are set out in the hallway, we sit down and go over the questionnaire as a family. More often than not, our responses to the standard set of questions are unanimous, but there are usually some that deserve or require more than a yes/no or a good to excellent rating. As a result, my wife almost always attaches a note regarding a crew member (or multiple) who we felt went above and beyond the expected level of service on their own.

For one reason or another, we are always looking for a notebook or paper to add our additional comments on. So, if you feel inclined to attach a note, make sure you save a sheet of notepaper before placing your suitcases in the hallway. Here is a printable you can take with you and even make notes during the cruise.

Additional Guest Feedback 2014 Sample

Just think for a minute about the amount of data being collected through these questionnaires each cruise and the impact this data can play in future decision making. You never know; maybe a new policy was put in place for your sailing. This guest feedback form could play a key role in determining the effectiveness of the policy. Your fair and honest feedback is essential in the decision making process that will ultimately lead to a more memorable and magical cruise experience for everyone.

You can also provide feedback to Disney Cruise Line via their website’s contact page.

I know that one issue from our June cruise was addressed by our December cruise. Whether it was a result of our calls to guest services, the note attached to the comment card, or neither the fact is the issue was remedied and many families had a better experience as a result. We have also been writing about our desire for DCL to offer non-holiday southern Caribbean cruises, which they are going to do in 2014! Have you ever noticed a change as a result of your feedback?

5 Replies to “Put the Service to the Test with the Guest Comment Card”

  1. Kelsey

    This is great. There were some specific things I wanted to mention, and was dismayed at the end of the cruise to find there was no space for them. For instance, the food was good, but I would have loved some island-specific food or local recipes from our stops, the bars tended to be understaffed during key times, there wasn’t ever room in the hot tubs… but they don’t have spots on the form to give that specific feedback that might be easy to rectify. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. John Brown

    I thought Disney Crew Members are not allowed to have any tattoos, but last time on the Disney Wonder I’ve seen many, bartender from Colombia, server from UK, some houskeepers…

  3. Jill

    Another good way to accomplish this is to visit the guest services desk at any point during your cruise. Ask to speak with a guest services manager regarding some feedback you have. Good or bad, your comments will be heard; the big bonus of doing this in person is for giving someone’s accolades! The guest services manager will go out of their way to see that the cast member you are speaking of is recognized by their peers for their accomplishments!


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