Tropical Storm Leslie Monday September 10, 2012 [Final Update]

5 AM Update

At this point Leslie no longer looks to intensify into a hurricane before arriving in Newfoundland.  Leslie is however, moving much faster this morning at 16 mph on a north-northeast track with 60 mph winds.

NHC 5-Day 9-10-12 5AM

11 PM Update

Tropical Storm Leslie has pick up momentum and and is moving at 40 mph on the same north-northeast  heading as this morning.  Her wind speed has increased to 70 mph.

NHC 5-Day 9/10/12 11PM

The Final Update on TS Leslie

This will be the last update on Tropical Storm Leslie as she should no longer pose a threat to the [Disney_Magic]’s final Canada/New England Coast Cruise which leave New York City on Wednesday September 13, 2012.

Tropical Depression 14 (Invest 91L)

A new system is brewing in the Atlantic, but the model consensus has it hooking away form any land masses.

WU Invest 91L Consensus 9/11/12 2AM

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