Free Wallpapers for Apple iOS Devices [Updated with Android versions]

I wanted to share some of my iOS background wallpapers that I have created, free for you to enjoy on your favorite Apple device!  All images are specifically created for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and even the iPhone 5 based on the rumored screen size.  So, be sure to download the size matching your device for optimal viewing enjoyment.

Wonderous Funnel
Wonderous Funnel iPhone iPod Touch 960x640iPhone/iPod | iPhone 5 | iPad
Disney Magic B&WiPhone/iPod | iPhone 5 | iPad
Disney Magic B&W IIiPhone/iPod | iPhone 5 | iPad

Over time, I will continue to add more photos to the collection.  I have created a page dedicated to iOS/Android Wallpapers (A permanent link to the Wallpapers is available under the Photography Menu item at the top of the page).  In the mean time, please feel free leave requests in the comments.  More than likely, I will have a photo to fill the request.  If not, there is always the next cruise…….

UPDATE: Android Versions

I added 960 x 800 wallpapers for your Android devices.  I do not have an Android device to test these so please let me know how they look on your device.

7 Replies to “Free Wallpapers for Apple iOS Devices [Updated with Android versions]”

  1. Tammy Guerra

    Scott, just wondering if you would ever create wallpapers for Android phones. I don’t have an “I” anything, only an Android phone, and it always seems when I find things I like, it’s never for Androids. I love all your pictures and see them a lot on the DisBoards. Will be cruising myself in October, 2013 on my 3rd Disney cruise.

  2. Theresa

    I was wondering if you had a picture of the Fantasy in black and white, similar to the one you have of the Magic. I would need it in the iphone size. I love the black and white images! Thank you so much for all the information you provide! Your blog is an incredible resource!


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