Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Magic’s Cowboy Hat

I’ve been to Texas a few times in my life and I can assure you that Texas lives up the the motto, everything is bigger in Texas! As Galveston awaited the arrival of the [Disney_Magic] the crew was hard a work a mile offshore installing the 19 by 14 foot cowboy hat on the Magic’s aft funnel.

The Disney Parks Blog provided a behind the scenes look at how the hat was constructed and installed.

Disney Magic Galveston Cowboy Hat Construction

The larger-than-life cowboy hat consists of two main components. First, a the cowboy hat graphic was printed on a polypoplene cover. The graphic is not just the hat, it also includes faux Mickey ears, giving the illusion that the hat is sitting on top of the funnel’s Mickey ears.

Disney Magic Galveston Cowboy Hat Installation

Then, engineers created a frame to fit over the Mickey ears on the aft funnel.

Unfortunately, the larger-than-life cowboy hat, is not a permanent installation during the Galveston sailings. According to a commenter on the Disney Parks Blog, the cowboy hat was removed before the Magic set sail.

This is not the first time Disney Cruise Line did something special when arriving in a new regional home port. Earlier this year, the Magic sailed into New York with the world’s largest bumper sticker.

Disney Magic NYC Bumper Sticker

What do you think Disney has planned for Miami? I hope it is not a monorail style wrap of the ship in Miami Vice colors.

DCL Funnel Miami Colors Funnel Wrap JOKE

Hey, Disney wrapped the Monorails with Tron, Avengers, and Cars… Anything can happen.

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