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City to Sea Panorama View (CW07) Summary

Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Canada

$129.00 (ages 10 and up) $109.00 (ages 3 to 9) $0.00 (ages 0 to 2)

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City to Sea Panorama View (CW07) Review Summary
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Drew Sailed: October 21, 2017
Submitted: November 27, 2017
Overall Review
Ship: Disney Magic
Port: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Date: October 24, 2017 / Atlantic Time Zone
Cost: $129 (Ages 10+), $109 (Ages 3-9), $0 (Under 3)
Weather: Fog giving way to full sunshine, High 71 / Low 52 (Normal: High 50 / Low 36)
Overall Rating: 4/5

We arrived in Charlottetown a bit later than usual due to the fog that started off our day here. Even though it was a late start by about an hour, they announced on board that the all aboard time was also adjusted an hour to 5:45 pm ADT. For this excursion, our meeting point was in the Walt Disney Theatre on deck 4, forward. Each excursion was grouped by a port adventures number. One thing to note about this day was that temperatures were well above normal.

Once our port adventures group was called, we made our way down to deck one, forward to debark the ship and onto our excursion. We went through the port shopping area to get out to the motor coach for the excursion. The nice thing was that this was a regular bus that you would see. It’s not one of those small buses that you tend to see regularly in the Caribbean. The tour operator took the one part of the ticket and then we were on the bus. Once everyone was accounted for, we were on our way to our first stop of the day.

Our first stop of the day was at Gateway Village, located in Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island (PEI). This area has a lot of shopping options available. However, for our visit, all the shops were closed for the season. Apparently they close around the beginning of October. I was surprised they weren’t open just for the morning knowing that a cruise ship was in port. While here, we were able to see a segment of the Confederation Bridge on display.

The next stop on our journey was to the Marine/Rail Historical Park in Borden-Carleton, PEI. This park is located at the right at the beginning/end of the Confederation Bridge. We were here for a little while, so it was nice to get out for a while and just take in the sights. We were able to see the Confederation Bridge in person (it’s a lot different than watching it from an online webcam). This park is also home to the Port Borden Rear Range Lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was closed, so we weren’t able to go inside to get some views up top. Overall, this was a great stop for this part of the excursion.

Our next stop brought us to PEI National Park. Inside this park is Cavendish and Cavendish Beach. Our main stop here was Cavendish Beach and the rock cliffs. Since we were past the swimming season, the beaches were closed. We were still able to explore everything else though. We were able to take in a lot of sights while here. We also looked at the informational signs about the area, including that this area is primarily made by sandstone, as well as dune management. For this location, I think the pictures speak louder than words. We also saw a fox while leaving Cavendish Beach and PEI National Park.

Our next stop was for lunch, which was included with the excursion. Our lunch was located at Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers in Rustico, PEI. When we got there, we were the only ones there. I found out shortly thereafter that they were open specifically for the excursions that day that had the place included. Our lunch consisted of a lobster roll, potato salad, and a bunch of communal desserts to choose from. Overall, this part of the trip was just okay. I thought there would’ve been more food than what was available to us. Waters were at all the tables, but it was hard to get a server’s attention to get refills, as they were chatting away behind the server table. There is also a gift shop here, but I didn’t purchase anything here. We were here for about 90 minutes, but this could’ve definitely been made shorter. Most of us were ready to move to the next thing within about 60 minutes, since it was just lunch and the gift shop inside the place. Upon leaving, we went past the North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse, but there was no stopping there.

Our next stop brought us to Green Gables Heritage Place. This place is located in Cavendish, PEI. As we were getting to the place, the tour guide on the bus gave all of us a sticker, which was needed to visit the place. Once we got there, we were given a map and some information about the place. We had a total of about 75 minutes to visit the Green Gables Heritage Place. I took a few photos of the fall foliage in the trees toward the Haunted Wood Trail. After that, our party went to the Green Gables House to see the inside. For this part of it, there was a feeling of being herded from one room to another. It was the only place I felt rushed having to go through it. You start out at the entrance and then visit the Parlour, Dining Room, Matthew’s room, Dairy Porch, Pantry, Anne’s bedroom, Guest Room, Marilla’s room, the sewing room, a few storage areas, and then the Hired Hand’s room. Overall, this was a nice building to visit. Hopefully it isn’t always rushed like it was on this day.

Although the Green Gables House was the main attraction for this location, I found some other things that I found more interesting. I spent most of the time here visiting the two trails that they have here. Each trail is roughly 0.6 to 0.7 miles long, so it’s not too bad. Since I was there during near peak leaf colors, I found the visits into the trails to be very beautiful. There are signs with the story of the trail. The first trail that I went through was the Haunted Wood Trail. The terrain is fairly level, but there were a few spots where you went up or down steps along the trail. It was quiet through the trail, even with others there. For me, it was one of those things that helps with de-stressing and relaxation. The other trail I went through partially (was running out of time to do the whole thing) was the Balsam Hollow Trail. Like the other trail, there was beautiful scenery. In both of these trails, it was a great way to connect with nature. Once I came out of the trail, it was time to get onto the bus again to move on to our last stop of the day.

Our last stop of the day brought us to Prince Edward Island Preserve Company and the Gardens of Hope. We had about 30 minutes to visit this area. They are both at the same location. We started off with going to the PEI Preserve Company. When you come in, there are a bunch of preserves that you can sample and taste, along with some of their teas. Of course, their main goal is for you to try them out and then buy some of them to take home. Like most places, transactions are done in Canadian dollars. After visiting the shop, we went out to the back area along the Hunter River where the Gardens of Hope is located. The Gardens of Hope is considered a virtual hospice and respite cottage. Once we were finished here, it was time to go back to the Charlottetown Cruise Terminal to re-board the Disney Magic. However, I made one last stop at the Charlottetown Maple Leaf before re-boarding.

Overall, this was a great port adventure through Disney Cruise Line. Nothing is ever perfect, regardless of what type of excursion you choose. The positives definitely outweighed the negatives on this port adventure. The two highlights for me on this port adventure were the visiting of the Confederation Bridge and Green Gables Heritage Place. If Disney Cruise Line comes back to this port again, I would love to come back. There is still much more to explore on this beautiful island.
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