Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Disney Cruise Line Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Disney Dream – November 23, 2017 – Menu remains unchanged since 2014, last verified Thanksgiving 2018.

Thankgiving Menu 2017

Thankgiving Gov Bradfords Roast Turkey 2017

Governor Bradford’s Roasted Turkey

Thankgiving Pumpkin Spice 2017

Specialty Drink – Pumpkin Spice

This is not really a Thanksgiving kid’s menu, but this was the menu presented to kids on November 23rd.Thankgiving Kids Menu 2017Disney Wonder – November 24, 2016 – Menu is the same as it was in 2014.
Submitted by Rollin Morris

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Wonder November 2016

Disney Dream November 26, 2014
Submitted by Wendy Prater

DCL Thanksgiving Menu 2014 LeftDCL Thanksgiving Menu 2014 Right

DCL Thanksgiving Menu 2014 Main CourseDCL Thanksgiving Menu 2014 Lighter VegetarianDCL Thanksgiving Menu 2014 Desserts

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  1. Candice Ferguson

    Hello there! Do you think you could possibly post the Christmas & New Years Dinner menus for this year when they come out? Thank you.


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