Sulley’s Sips – Disney Wonder

Chill out with a super-cool refreshment! Inspired by the lovable furry hero from the Disney·Pixar Monsters Inc franchise, this poolside spot mixes up refreshing, frozen-fruit smoothies for the entire family to enjoy—morning, noon and night! Sulley’s Sips features smoothies, specialty coffee, tea, beer, and even some higher end adult beverages such as Champagne by the bottle. During our cruise they were also selling Cliff bars and Powerade.

The menu does not show prices, but I would expect they are similar to those at Frozone on the other ships which range from $3.95 to $5.25 (subject to change). A souvenir mug was also available to purchase.

Sullys Sips Sign Disney Wonder November 2016
Sullys Sips Menu Disney Wonder November 2016
Sulley's Sip Expanded Menu
Sulley's Sips Draft Beer
Sulley's Sips Souvenir Mugs & Champagne