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PALO Steakhouse

PALO Steakhouse is one of the cruise line's restaurant venues inspired by Beauty and the Beast reserved for guests 18 and older.


12 Aft Port
7/14/22 - Present

12 Aft Port
12/21/24 - Present

One of two adult exclusive restaurants located on Deck 12 AFT aboard the Disney Wish, PALO Steakhouse is an evolution of the Palo restaurant that Disney cruisers know and love, now combining the relaxed sophistication of authentic Italian dining with the classic refinement of a modern steakhouse in a genteel setting inspired by Cogsworth, the tale’s majordomo-turned- enchanted-clock.

An elegant, welcoming environment with spectacular ocean views off the back of the ship, the venue has been designed with a warm, luxurious palette of rich woods and shining metals, along with artwork and details that evoke ornate clocks, pendulums and gears. A private dining room will be available for more intimate gatherings of up to 12 guests.

At PALO Steakhouse, guests will choose from a selection of exquisite Italian dishes and the world’s best steaks, from the most elite American prime cuts to melt-in-your-mouth Australian wagyu to succulent Japanese Kobe and Miyazaki beefs. The show-stopping menu will be paired with the finest Italian wines and bold craft beers – and for dessert, a fan-favorite indulgence: signature PALO chocolate souffle, prepared fresh-to-order and served piping hot with luscious vanilla bean and chocolate sauces.