Disney Cruise Line 25th Anniversary Floating Ship Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

Today, we have something really cool from the Silver Anniversary at Sea merchandise collection. Disney Cruise Line’s Floating Ship Speaker with a limited edition 25th Anniversary shimmering design. As with other wireless speakers you can stream from any bluetooth enabled device. There stateroom windows come to life with color changing LEDs. The approximate play time on a full charge is 6 hours. Plus, the ship is water and dust proof (IP67) with a design to allow it to float upright! The ship speaker can be dry docked using the Mickey inspired base or use out of the water.

Time take a closer look in the following unboxing video.

The floating ship speaker comes in a shimmering box with Disney Cruise Line’s 25th Anniversary logo in silver. It is worth noting for post-cruise travel plans, especially those with luggage restrictions, the box measures approximately 13″ x 9.5″ x 7.5″ and weights about 5 pounds.

Floating ship speaker (dry dock edition) – The base looks like a Mickey ear hat with a spot for the ship to rest when out of water. Hence, the dry dock reference.

When powered on, the windows come to life with color changing LED lights. The lights rotate through a cycle by default, but the light mode can be set to one of the fixed colors, or turned off.

The bluetooth connection is similar to connecting any other wireless speaker, just look for DCL 25th Anniversary Ship Speaker in your bluetooth nearby device list when powering on the speaker.

The charging port and AUX plug are located after under a grey silicone plug which is important to check that it is pushed all the way into the socket each time you use this in a wet environment.

Inside the box is a fold out user guide with the following friendly note for guest choosing to use this speaker during the cruise.

Dear Guest,

Thank you for purchasing our Disney Cruise Line Floating Ship Wireless Speaker. To make your experience more enjoyable, we recommend you read and follow the instructions before using. Also, please keep the volume at a moderate level when played music in common areas. This way, we can all have a pleasant and Magical Voyage!

With Much Appreciation,

Disney Cruise Line

DCL 25th Bluetooth Ship Speaker User Guide

The Disney Cruise Line Floating Ship Wireless Speaker was $120. The box did not have a price tag with a SKU, but the box does have a Disney tracking number of FAC-111201-23008.

DCL 25th Bluetooth Ship Speaker

From what I’ve heard, the edition size is 2,500, but a Model Difference Declaration filed with the other FCC documents (FCC ID: 2AU4F-L80M) suggest there may be another model as it states, “All the model are the same circuit and RF module, except model names.” Yes, this is nearly identical to the $70 Carnival Cruise Line speaker I wrote about in our Mardi Gras trip report. Furthermore, the speaker is made by the same novelty company that produced the version for Carnival Cruise Line.

CCL Mardi Gras Merchandise Ship Bluetooth Speaker

As I said in the trip report, Disney could sell the speaker for double or triple and they’d fly sail off the shelves… Well, it was close to double the price and right now guests onboard Silver Anniversary at Sea sailings are being told it is “SOLD OUT” when asking about it following an early-May tweet.

DCL 25th Bluetooth Ship Speaker Pool

At this time, I am unable to get any additional information on the availability of the speaker. I cannot imagine the allotment of floating ship wireless speakers are sold out. Primarily because I don’t see any listed for sale for 8x the price the popular auction site. I keep checking Disney Cruise Line’s onboard gifts and amenities page for an option to pre-purchase, but nothing yet. Time will tell when these beauties will will actually be available.

I want to leave y’all with a bit of a cautionary tale and warning…

DO NOT LEAVE THE SHIP BEFORE TESTING THE SPEAKER. The speaker I have does not play any sound and is currently a $120 dust collector that lights up. The speaker will charge, power up, light up, connect to a bluetooth device, and even appear to play music. However, there is absolutely no sound. Please take the time to test the speaker before it is too late since this isn’t like shopping on land where we can just go back to the store to exchange or return. My friend who picked this up for me reported that the speaker they purchased worked as well as one other guest who managed to buy one. That being said, I cannot really share my opinion on the sound quality of the speaker.

DCL 25th Bluetooth Ship Speaker Shimmering Seas

I emailed the Miami based novelty company who made the speakers, but have not heard back. Who knows, there may be a follow-up article where I take the speaker into dry dock to fix it myself. The FCC documentation has a nice little teardown of the speaker as a guide.

UPDATE: After back and forth emails, Disney Cruise Line was kind enough to exchange the the defective speaker for a working speaker in early July!

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    1. Jacquie Skurla

      The ship is adorable. Our speaker is garble. Who can I contact? We purchased it on the EBTA transatlantic. Thx.

  1. Adrienne Michaelis

    Someone on the wish right now was told they are not sold on the ships but must be ordered. When i called DCL about it they said you had to buy it on the ship. Anyone have any solid leads on how to get one thats NOT on ebay.


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