BYOD Stateroom TV Streaming Launched Exclusively on the Disney Wish

Bring Your own Device (BYOD) stateroom TV streaming is now available for guests onboard the Disney Wish. The new service can be used when connected to DCL-GUEST, but does NOT require a paid internet package.

Using your own device, you can launch the service in the DCL Navigator App from the More tab then clicking on Stateroom TV Streaming.

Wish Stateroom TV Streaming 1

The link will open in a browser which can also be launched on a device without the Navigator App such as a laptop by typing in the following URL: mxms.dcl.disney.go.comSorry folks, this link only works onboard when connected to the DCL-GUEST network.

Wish Stateroom TV Streaming 2

From the main menu you can browse and Watch TV, or titles from the Disney On Demand library.

Special thanks to Dustin Burton for taking the time to share the details.

11 Replies to “BYOD Stateroom TV Streaming Launched Exclusively on the Disney Wish”

    1. Kevin

      From reading this it looks like you have a choice of watching TV on your own device or on stateroom TV which is handy like if a family member is using the TV and you want to watch something you can watch it on your Ipad. If you are thinking Disney is going to get rid of stateroom TV’s don’t pannic because they not going to throw out all those TV’s. Disney are giving you the choice to watch it on TV or your own device or maybe both. For now this is only offered on the Disney Wish for now.

  1. Marc

    We only use the map channel to see where we are at the moment. Other than that, we do not watch TV while on a cruise. It’s a complete waste of valuable time.
    It’s disturbing how parents use screens as a baby sitter. I imagine one day parents will be choosing Apple or Android to be issued at birth.

  2. Jeff Lewis

    So does this mean you can watch the cruise content on your phone, or can I use my Disney + app on my phone to watch the Mandalorian on my phone?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Most if not all of the long form video streaming sites like Disney+ are blocked even if you are paying for the highest data plan. This simply allows you to watch the same content on your device that is available in your stateroom.

  3. mypftcommentingaccount

    Not a bad way of addressing the awful TV setup in the staterooms that I am sure many have complained about. I wonder if Treasure will have a different set up and/or this feature.

  4. Kevin

    Hi Scott thank you for the update with Disney cruise line news keep up the good work you doing an excellent job from Kevin.

  5. Parker Lerdal

    Did Disney Wonder and Disney Magic has Stateroom TV on Demand as well even Disney Wish and Disney Treasure has In Stateroom TV Streaming not the Dream class as well!


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